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Slight aggravation Concerning opinions on Kanji.

azurada23azurada23 Joined: Posts: 16
There's someone I frequently have lobbies with in P4A that, while otherwise fine, is absolutely convinced that Kanji is broken.

And rages so hard when Kanji wins.

Can anyone supply sufficient evidence that Kanji's not Triple-S tier broken?


  • IglooBobIglooBob Bob the builder Joined: Posts: 4,039
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    all tournament results ever
  • EmilEmil Joined: Posts: 4,389
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    Kanji is a stupid character...when he gets in, he is broken...if he gets in.

    My problem with the matchup is you can be outplaying him for the majority of the match until one slight screwup (either you get hit by R-action or lightning bolts or a random grab) and from then the match can end in 5 seconds, nullifying all that work you put in the round. His damage output is just too high.
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  • azurada23azurada23 Joined: Posts: 16
    I might also add that he believes Kanji's banned from tourneys on account on his supposed overpoweredness.
  • ciddypoociddypoo Block. Just block. Joined: Posts: 31
    Am I being trolled? This isnt a 'my friend thinks that...' sort of deal, is it?

    Kanji can get persona broken easily if he's careless, his movement isn't so great and he has to take a lot of risks to get in on characters like Yukiko and Liz. If you have to ride his grill all day like Akihiko, then you better have some tight strings good reads.

    Every character in this game is dangerous when they have momentum. Kanji isn't the only one. Plus Liz wrecks him pretty handily in general.
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  • azurada23azurada23 Joined: Posts: 16
    Trust me the guy isn't even a friend -_-
    I'm the one who plays Kanji in this situation. And he accuses me of picking him "Because he's broken"
    But yeah. i know Kanji's got his downsides. I'm still trying to work around proper prediction with grabs and trying to find good opportunities for crouching B
  • UncleGaryUncleGary Joined: Posts: 185
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    Tell him to listen to the opinion of anyone who knows anything about the game, then tell him to pick Elizabeth and spam 236A.
  • azurada23azurada23 Joined: Posts: 16
    Right... I'm not sure how reciprocating his behavior to him is going to do any good.
  • CelerityCelerity Professional Necrodancer Joined: Posts: 798
    This thread made me laugh so hard. I really want to meet this person.
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  • azurada23azurada23 Joined: Posts: 16
    his handle on xbox live... oh wait... are there any rules against calling people out? If so i can just send his handle to you in a message.
  • KirbyMorphKirbyMorph Joined: Posts: 104
    Grapplers are top tier in every game ever...at low skill levels. The more mistakes made and more unsafe moves used and unsafe blockstrings, the easier a grappler can churn that butter for half their health.
  • Rushdown_LiamRushdown_Liam Joined: Posts: 7
    It's almost like grapplers are balanced to be high risk/high reward picks! Seriously, this guy sounds like he knows next to nothing about the game, or he's just a really sore loser.

    I had a similar experience when I was playing with my university's gaming club. A guy there kept getting mad when I would beat him as Akihiko, ranting and raving about the character being OP. Eventually he got kicked out of the tournament for trash talking a match he wasn't even in.
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