Super Turbo Ranking Chart 2013



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    yogaboy wrote: »
    That's skill, man. Some have it, some don't!
    I don't have it but I hope you can still help me ;)
    I watch the nakano royal videos on this channel so I am not sure exactly what you mean by 'beginning of the stream archive'. Thanks!
    Of course!

    The stream archive is the video we can check on YouTube and Nico: I called it this way since that's the recoding of what was originally streamed live, as the event was taking place. Toukon (Chun player) does the commentary.

    You can grasp the names by 1) knowing Japanese (means you are a nice person, unless you've learned it because of manga and anime) or 2) comparing with the names in Japanese, which you can find in Wikipedia.

    BTW, you can search for ST videos on Nico with the following string: "スパIIX".
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