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XF3 Bird Loop?

papashango0papashango0 Joined: Posts: 39
I've been out of UMVC3 for a while and I didn't really know about the Bird Loop until now. I just watched Richard's video but I'm still kind of lost on how you do it.

I can't hit them with a second loop: My sweep hits them before the bomb combos, if I wait a little longer then the whole thing whiffs. One thing I noticed is that Richard somehow jumps really low on the second jump, how exactly does that work?


  • MarveloMarvelo Oh, it's on now. Joined: Posts: 1,606
    I don't do that version of the bird bomb loop. I do, call bird bomb, activate sat, shoot sat, launch, double jump, j.S, call bird bomb, activate sat, shoot sat, launch, double jump, j.S.

    Loop that. It does more damage per loop and it's actually a little easier as far as timing. As long as your good at doing the satellite motion, I find it the superior method.
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  • papashango0papashango0 Joined: Posts: 39
    Thank you, and good job at evo btw
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