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P4A Terminology? I'm new don't shoot me!

HaeHeiHaeHei Joined: Posts: 9
Hi guys, not sure if this should be a new discussion or anything but ya what is this terminology like 5A, 2A what does it mean...? also whats how do i decipher this into my play? Thanks guys

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  • UncleGaryUncleGary Joined: Posts: 185
    The numbers are a form of directional notation used to show joystick inputs. It's the way moves and combos are detailed in all anime games, and it's based on a computer number pad. The only confusing thing about it is that notation is always written from the player one (facing right) perspective, 5 being neutral, 9 being up forward, 1 being down back.

    Other notations that you might see are j. (jumping)
    cr. - crouching; crouchers take more hitstun in this game, so some combos work on crouching opponents only
    CH - Counter-hit starter
    FC - fatal counter
    [x] - a move in brackets shows that the button or direction needs to be held or charged. [4]6 is charge back, press forward like a sonic boom.
    IAD - instant air dash
    sj. - super jump
    jc. - Jump cancel (not to be confused with j. C which is jumping C)
    AoA - all out attack/universal overhead
    OMC/OMB - one more cancel/one more burst
    RC - rapid cancel; same as once more cancel but used by blazblue players even when they talk about persona.

    The ABCD parts are the actual buttons. On the default persona setup, which is a boxed layout, it will look like this

    A is light attack, B is strong attack, C is weak persona attack, D is strong persona attack. AB is your universal overhead/all out attack, BD is your reversal move/R action, CD is throw, AC is your quick escape/roll, ABC is one more cancel, and ACD is burst.

    236 is a quarter circle forward motion
    623 is a DP motion
    214 is a quarter circle back motion.

    Everything in this game has been simplified to either single direction inputs or quarter circle motions though, so you should be fine.
    If you have other questions, check the dustloop wiki to get the fastest answer, they have a very good beginners section. Also I only have a 360 (sadface)
  • HaeHeiHaeHei Joined: Posts: 9
    Thanks for the explanation! also could you link me to the dustloop wiki please? Thanks !
  • HaeHeiHaeHei Joined: Posts: 9
    Don't worry used google! thanks for the help!
  • GRITZGRITZ Chill out, dickwad. Joined: Posts: 193
    I was looking for answers to these same questions! Thanks for asking, HaeHei, and thanks for answering, UncleGary!
    ---XBL: TheGRITTY
  • ZanyZany FGC Noobie Joined: Posts: 14
    Wow glad I saw this, stream commentary will make so much more sense now haha.
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