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Chat Bubbles...

sektrsektr Joined: Posts: 815
So I've been interested in getting this game, but I'll be 100% honest the stupid little chat bubbles that pop up under health bars mid-fight look obnoxious as all fuck, and it's the one thing keeping me from buying it.

Is there a way to disable them were I to buy it?
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  • UncleGaryUncleGary Joined: Posts: 185
    When picking your colors you go down to navigator and turn it off. Sadly, two button DPs remain.
  • CelerityCelerity Professional Necrodancer Joined: Posts: 798
    Worth noting, you can't disable your opponent's.

    I actually like the navigators. :(
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  • TetsamaruTetsamaru Joined: Posts: 10
    I suppose you would had to have played the RPGs to appreciate the bubbles.
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