There's actually a Mortal Kombat forum here?

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I've been on SRK for a few years, but not as a very active user. I normally go to TYM for Mortal Kombat, but this is the first time I bothered to check here. For some reason, I was under the impression that SRK - a site whose name comes from Street Fighter - would shun MK due to the ongoing rivalry between the two franchises. So how popular is MK on SRK and are there active, tournament level players who come here?

Sadly, I feel I'm out of challenges on both the PS3/360 version. I rarely find anyone who actually makes me try online nowadays. Not to brag or anything, but more often than not, I'm bumping into ragequitters left and right.


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    Because online is terrible.
    Go to local meetups/tournies.
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    I can't. I live in Augusta.
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    I hardly see a rivalry between the games.
    Mortal Kombat attracts the casual gamer, Street Fighter the real fighting game nerds.

    I enjoy single player Mortal Kombat to no end, but just can't take the game seriously in regards to multiplayer.
    Add me for some Tekken 7 if you're from Europe.
    I'm not playing anything else these days:
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