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who likes the idea of a samurai vampire?

hankypanky2hankypanky2 playing street fighter.. bored of mk9Joined: Posts: 17
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And a female one.

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  • Evolution169Evolution169 Wake up DP is unbeatable Joined: Posts: 1,103
    I guess the shoulder pads are there so you know she's a samurai. Otherwise she's just a chick in leather with a sword and a tramp-stamp.
  • RandomRandom Joined: Posts: 339
    I like the idea, but not that picture. Maybe a half Saiyan, half Kryptonian, half demon/vampire, wizard-samurai with cybernetic implants, guns and a motocycle. And cigars and whisky. And pizza.
  • MageggMagegg Joined: Posts: 4,049
    Female Vampire Samurai Turtles.
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