1994 - 2014 SSF2X 20 year aniversary

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Ideas, expansion in the Super turbo scene for newcomers and dropouts, party, I'm a mid-30s player and want to see this scene grow in the FGC.
I have no hope for capcom and their mediocre releases. This is about ST players.
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    Great results. I'm going to NL this friday before you head south Damdai. I'm Kice you spoke to.
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    I remember. I'll try and make it 1 more time before I go. Don't think this Friday though. Way too hot this week. Hopefully next Friday is a little cooler.
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    What would it take to get an arcade-perfect, internationally released port of ST to the next gen consoles with GGPO netcode?

    It might take the 20th anniversary of ST and...possibly a miracle. (I'm not religious but I pray to the World Warrior Gods everyday lol.)
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    Drinks on me today at Next Level. West coast players get a double dose for traveling far east here. XD
    We have a handful of players going today. Let's go west coast ST players, you can do it. Ha

    @blitz, wishful thinking at this point. Based on capcom's reputation, they're likely to mess it up as many of the original cps1/2 developers are gone after 20 years. Times have changed unfortunately in the fighting scene where fighting games was massively popular in the early 90s.
    But ST is a buggy game itself with slowdown stages affecting gameplay timing to begin with.

    I'm hooked on ST HDR graphics artwork by Udon. It is hard to let go, but I still play it.
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    I've always heard that the orignal ST code has been lost/destroyed/whatever and that all ports are based on the Dreamcast code.

    I think we should plan something as players for the 20th anniversary, since no one is going to do it for us.

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    isnt the whole code saved forever in every Board/ROM?
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    Not really the code: you find binary stuff there. You can get code out of it by relating the opcodes with the assembly code.
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    It's like trying to figure out the exact recipe from a finished meal, it doesn't really work like that.

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