Mass Layoffs at PDP, Team AGE Shutdown

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Accessory maker PDP (Performance Designed Products), sponsor of Team AGE (Afterglow Elite), conducted a mass layoff yesterday, gutting marketing, operations, product development, and other divisions. Several vice presidents and up to 30 other staff have been fired, a considerable reduction of the staff the company holds, indicating questionable corporate health. Sources suggest the struggling accessory maker will also shutter the AGE fighting team, liquidating a strong roster of players a day after the EVO championships. Word from internal sources suggest severely demoralized staff have long been burdened by an oppressive working environment and upper management incompetence. An official statement from the company has yet to be released, likely due to turmoil following the staff reduction. Long term viability of the ailing accessory maker is in question following this retreat from consumer outreach and participation in the FGC.


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