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SF alpha 3 Blanka Combos

TheDoorMouseTheDoorMouse Joined: Posts: 45
Does Blanka have any combos in Alpha 3? I can't seem to find any. I don't mean supers with V-ism, I just mean regular meter less combos.
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  • MiddlekickMiddlekick r.mika stalker Joined: Posts: 604
    Jumping HP-> crouching MK-> HP Rolling Attack.
    Your main combo. If you land an opening, always use this combo.

    Mid-air counter hit neutral jumping HP-> crouching HP. An easy, effective 2-hitter mainly used as defensive anti-air. The opponent cannot air recover to avoid the crouching HP. Remember Blanka's neutral jumping HP comes out in 2 frames, so is ideal for air defense.

    Mid-air counter hit jumping HP-> crouch cancel jumping HP-> crouching HP. Blanka's main crouch cancel combo. Against characters like Chun Li, it's probably better to use his jumping MP to start the combo, since it's very dominant against her air attacks.

    Cross-up jumping HP-> crouching LP-> LP Electric Thunder. The cross-up is tricky to do. Practise it against E.Honda to get a feel for the timing.

    Mid-air counter hit jumping HP-> crouch cancel jumping HP-> crouching LK-> Level 3 Ground Shave Rolling or HK Vertical Rolling. Corner only. When trying to juggle with the Super during the combo, hold the button so Blanka spins in place and release it as late as possible. You can even juggle the opponent after the Super with an immediate LP Electric Thunder or a close LP-> LP Rolling attack.
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