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A glitch in Naoto's combo?

LLeg3ndLLeg3nd Always EatingJoined: Posts: 295
edited July 2013 in Persona 4 Arena
So I was playing some casuals with a few folks from the Giant Bomb community and in the second round something weird happened with Naoto's combo at the end of the second round.

I'm not new to fighting games but I'm still learning how mechanics work and all that jazz. Could someone explain to me what just happened?



  • UncleGaryUncleGary Joined: Posts: 185
    If your fate counters are reduced to zero and you tech, you get instant killed the moment a hamaon or mudoon hitbox connects. The one in white mashed a button to tech instead of holding it and got counter hit out of it. The fact that it didnt freeze the chatacter model in the air like mudoon usually does was probably just a weird engine interaction or a small glitch.
  • LLeg3ndLLeg3nd Always Eating Joined: Posts: 295
    Hey thanks, I got pretty much the same answers on dustloop. It was weird seeing me dropped out like that.
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