Street Fighter II - Hyper Fighting Edition XBox 360 SRK Player Roster



  • LakeEarthLakeEarth Joined: Posts: 421
    LakeEarth v1

    Guile player but likes to pick around for fun. Honda when I just want a win, like everyone else :rofl:
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin

    playing this brings back all the old sandwich shop/bowling alley memories
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    GamerTag SHO1NE
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
  • DreStinsonDreStinson Team Negro!!! Joined: Posts: 18

    Met a lot of cool SF folks...And a bunch pulling of A-Holes...YOU know who YOU are!

    Originally Posted by Shinshay,

    I remember who I got your Remy confused with and I dont know was a guy named DreStinson. His remy was like "whoa" (not a dude at the beach kind of whoa, but like Black Rob "Whoa")
  • ToXYToXY Scrubs up? Joined: Posts: 598
  • KonqrrKonqrr My wand is ready... Zatanna. Joined: Posts: 1,135

    XBLA is FULL of scrubs, it's so funny to bash them on the forum!
    Injustice - Killer Frost, Zatanna, Hawkgirl; MK9 - Kitana, Kabal; KI - Orchid, Spinal
    SC - Ivy; AE - Chun Li, Balrog, Cammy; TTT2 - Nina, Baek, Jun
  • KneelB4MeKneelB4Me CVS2! Joined: Posts: 810
    GT: Kneelb4me 360

    Location: London, UK

    Mainly use: Ken, Sagat, Guile and Blanka all quite poorly. I really dont know what Im doing with Blanka tho, I just sweep and special to elec :rofl:

    Im willing to play anybody, but Id like to specifically play people who are decent from Europe, east US + Canada as Ive only just started trying to learn a few things about this game and want to improve a bit. Feel free to send me a FR or post up and I'll get one out to you :smile:

    I dont get playable connections with people from Tx or west US unfortunately.
    I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of them.
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    XBL Tag: SoulHadou

    I should be on later tonight after watching Taladega Nights.
  • Master_AmadoMaster_Amado Joined: Posts: 128
    one of the only vegas. :confused:

    xbl tag: Non Reversable
    Originally Posted by ChibiPotPie
    Always nice to get advice and pro-tips from someone whos losing and getting angry.
  • HuStLeMaN17HuStLeMaN17 #2O gArY pAyToN... tHa-GlOvE Joined: Posts: 1,315 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Wii2Blaz3D I love this game!
    Love, Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Hate, Ultimate Tatsunoko vs Capcom 3

  • SF-Zero2SF-Zero2 Pronounced AlphaZero Joined: Posts: 1,373
    AlphaZero X

    And you guys should see the Xbox forums, hilarious, a bunch of fools are saying Capcom should patch the game because it's too hard on single player.
  • Captain RyuCaptain Ryu Scoot Magee Joined: Posts: 1,508 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG

    This guy's garbage.
    CFN ScootMagee
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I play on my brother's account, which is Seanixyz.

    Since I don't have a joystick and lag changes the game so much, I primarily use Chun to throw and lightning kick everyone.

    I recongized a few names from here: GG's to technical monkey, mr hadoken, team harlem, a few others.

    I guess I'll try some quarter mode (sick of the unpluggers) and look for some SRK names to get some decent fights.
  • final_cutfinal_cut All day long Joined: Posts: 2,084
    free wins from my DOA stick
    RIP Ol' Dirty
  • Bare Knuckle 2Bare Knuckle 2 one inch thrust Joined: Posts: 147
    nOOse 1
    You're on my friend's list final cut.We should play some time.
    Brawl Friend Code: 3995 6216 4625
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    yOU KNOW ITS ME.........the best sagat player............ya heard!!!!
  • BruceLBBruceLB THE KITTEN PAJAMAS Joined: Posts: 509
    GT=Bruce Askew

    DOA4 stick with a broken middle punch button > Pad.
    powerbiast: and no losers both of us are winners cause we learned
  • mr. newbiemr. newbie 2 frame reversals :D Joined: Posts: 671
    mr roll cancel
    Its not a videogames videogame. Its certainly not a gamers videogame. Its candy for gamers, about videogames, expressed as a videogame.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    AlphaZero X

    And you guys should see the Xbox forums, hilarious, a bunch of fools are saying Capcom should patch the game because it's too hard on single player.

    I imagine these are young-ins that didn't play Cap's old SF games. They were all cheap as hell, especially the cheating charge characters like Guile or Blanka pulling off things that are impossible.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Hey all I just bought this game, look me up on XBL for a game

    Gamertag: ManiacPanda
  • Dr. StormlockeDr. Stormlocke Exploding Robot Joined: Posts: 800
    Dr Stormlocke

    Pad user till I get a DOA4 stick I guess. I play Balrog exclusively. "FINAL!"
    Infamous Exploding Robot
  • rogueyoshirogueyoshi Nothing Comes Easy Joined: Posts: 1,929
    GT: Chibi Death (this is a shared account, though)
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    GT: RebelScm
  • BuktoothBuktooth vietnamazing Joined: Posts: 1,713 mod
    i'm on my roommate's acct

    GT: xixchil
    -Campbell Tran

    as of 12/02/09:

    me: did pz john ever give the japanese players their money
    bas: hahah of course no
  • Master RiftMaster Rift I Still smack Denjin Joined: Posts: 64
    Master Rift
    Commander of the Stun-GUNN! Clan
  • gozulingozulin Defeated Sheng Long. Joined: Posts: 117
    Gozulin is my tag. I play a variety of characters and can pwn scrubs in many different fashions.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I bought it, but wasn't interested at first. Picked it up after getting frustrated with Dead Rising and haven't put it down since.

    GT: Icarus74
  • SlªdeSlªde Joined: Posts: 68
    Man do I need a 360 stick..

    HF isn't bad at all though, pretty fun usually.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    GT: Champ1on Sound

    Im usually on at night, losing to random honda's :rolleyes:

    Ill add a couple of you guys later tonight
  • mad possummad possum Joined: Posts: 1,091
    Gt: mad possum

    Almost exclusively play quarter matches now, they are a lot of fun and ranked games are a waste because everytime I win the losers drop. Play a lot of Honda (usually without using the HHS, imaging that!) and Chun-Li. Have played a few of you on this board and i think all have been very GG's. Looking forward to more!
    GGPO name : madpossum
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    My GT is MoDInside, I've already played with some of you, anyway looking for more good matches.
    I can recommend this GamerTags for some quality matches, the are all great players:
    mad possum
    GO DUMB 510
    Sensei Ukyo
    Rhythm and Funk
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    GT: Kamikaze Gopher
  • GrifterGrifter Ky and the Red Guy Joined: Posts: 1,608
    Setting up my 360 now.

    Add me - Grifter 181
  • ShadowhawkShadowhawk Joined: Posts: 15
    Ryu, Guile, and Blanka player over here.
    GT: ShadowHawk79

    I am not really that great, but still like to play with some advance players. Also doesn't help I am using the 360 pad. Well, see you all on Live:lovin:
    PS3 Online ID: shadowhawk79
    Wii ID #: 0908 1264 2222 8640
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    GT: Harkonis

    Mostly a Vega player, would love to relearn more.
  • ShibuyaShibuya TheLuckyTurtleMasher Joined: Posts: 726
    Xbox live gamertag Matt3584
    I use chun li
    I win with Robo ky by doing nothing the whole round!!!!!
  • CyntalanCyntalan Joined: Posts: 8,341 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    XBLA Gamertag: Cyntalan

    I have no regular gametime hours however.
    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ PRAISE HELIX ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    "NO! NOT LIKE THIS!" - Random audience member, Evo 2k9 SC4 finals. Go Hilde!
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  • Paro-DaParo-Da ICEY BLUE RYU / PINK CLAW Joined: Posts: 554
    DJ Beat2DX
    I'm on randomly afternoon/nights when im off work. Looking for SoCal/Norcal/closer connections if possible.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    corderr0y over here, i use ryu, chun li, blanka, sometimes guile.
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