Game crashes when changing display resolution. Unplayable

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My monitors are permanently mounted in a portrait orientation. I have 5 in eyefinity. When playing a 16:9 game like dive kick I just use 3 of them to get the correct aspect ratio. But on boot divekick auto configs itself to use the three monitors separately and it makes me see the game in a very small fraction on each of the monitors (that is to say, the same game 3 times using less than half of the screen). If I try to set up the monitors to landscape and change the options and save them, like use a window and 720p then quit, on boot it autoconfigs itself again to run in portrait, and again crashes if i try to change it. I can't see shit :( It's fucking annoying and needs to be fixed. I tried going to into the game's files but it looks like the options might be in an encrypted file.

Keits if you're reading this: Please fix or issue a refund.

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    A random post on the boards is probably the worst way to ask. Try contacting the developer/publisher support teams first.
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    A random post on the boards is probably the worst way to ask. Try contacting the developer/publisher support teams first.

    I actually did immediately afterwards. I posted here because I thought Keits would read this forum. Just right now I got an email back of them saying they don't know how to fix it but will keep looking into it. I replied back asking if they would refund me and then I would buy it again once it's fixed.

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    They couldn't even give you a refund, Steam is the store. And Steam is also pretty notoriously bad with refunds, although you could attempt it.

    Besides, it isn't exactly fair to expect proper eyefinity support for a small development team like this. That's something you should probably check on before purchasing (if possible) when you want to use the game across monitors.
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