Characters references from???

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Divekick has lots of parody and references to the FGC but I dont recognize all of them.
So far i only recognize

-Jefaily > Alex Jebaily the TO of CEO.
-S Kill > Seth Killian, old school SF player and ex Capcom Community manager
-Mr. N > Marn a ex sponsered FG player
-Markman > Tekken player and comminity manager of madcatz.
-Stream > i guess live internet streams of majors?

Also the game uses vocabulary such as choke, fraud frequently used within the FGC

Can you guys fill in any other known references.


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    Stream is a reference to the stream monsters. Here are the other references.

    Dive = Yang. As far as archetypes go, I would say he's the Ryu of the game.
    Kick = Yun. He's the Ken.
    Kung Pao = Kung Lao from MK
    Baz = rejected SF2 character. He's one of the backer-requested characters.
    Kenny = Another backer-requested character. He's based off of the backer's dead brother, who liked to pick random select. The fighting stance is Goku's.
    Dr. Shoals = Dr. Doom from MvC3
    Uncle Sensei = No real references as far as I know, but story-wise, he's Gouken. He could even be Chun-Li; in the SF3 universe, Yun and Yang are her nephews.
    Redacted = Wolverine from MvC3. Originally, Redacted was actually called Wolverine but the name was changed for obvious reasons.
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    Stream = Stream monster I believe

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    Uncle Sensei has a lot of references to The Dude (from The Big Lebowski. See: my avatar) in his story mode.
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    Uncle Sensei's feet-first divekick looks like Akuma's d+MK, and his hand-first divekick looks like Raiden's superman move.

    Stance changing is from Gen in SF Alpha series and SF4.

    Also kinda looks like Solid Snake with the headband and camo boots.
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    King9999 wrote: »
    Kenny = The fighting stance is Goku's.
    I'd like to see some proof regarding that. A quick Google search yielded this, but it ain't the same.
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    Sofaduel wrote: »
    King9999 wrote: »
    Kenny = The fighting stance is Goku's.
    I'd like to see some proof regarding that.


    The major comparison is the closed right hand and open left with two extended fingers.
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    That's a common stance in karate in general.

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    Ah okay, thanks. Guess I didn't look hard enough/was being too specific.
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    Y'all need to check Wikis
    Dive, a student of Uncle Sensei's Bel Air Divekicking dojo who was raised in West Philadelphia. After getting in a fight, he and his brother were sent by their mother to live in Bel Air with Uncle Sensei. He enjoys math and uses it to improve his diving. He is a parody of the character Yang from the Street Fighter franchise.

    Kick, another student of Uncle Sensei's dojo and Dive's fraternal twin brother. He prefers to focus on his kicking and hopes to launch his own music career. Kick is a parody of the character Yun from the Street Fighter franchise, and many of his quotes and catchphrases in the game are inspired by actor Will Smith.

    Mr. N, a Divekicker who once rigged a bracket in a tournament, resulting in a mass disqualification of all the players, the cancellation of the tournament, and the end of Uncle Sensei's Divekicking career. He is notorious for his shady dealings in tournaments and is often found around his best friend, star Divekicker Dustin Weinburger. He is constantly on the run from the mob, to whom he owes money. Mr. N is a parody of the character Rufus from the Street Fighter franchise and professional gamer Martin "Marn" Phan.

    Redacted (stylized as Redacted), a pregnant skunk bear who drank toxic waste while fleeing from Canada, resulting in her size and intelligence being increased. She followed the scent of Uncle Sensei's cigars to Bel Air, where she currently resides with three kits. Her animations are inspired by those of Wolverine as he appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, while her name references ongoing legal disputes between intellectual property owners and independent game developers who use the appearance and likeness of the intellectual properties in games.

    Kung Pao, a Divekicking champion from the parallel dimension of Downworld who was part of a rebellion against her stepfather, Theodore Khan. Having landed in the game's dimension due to kicking a hole in the fabric of the universe, she seeks to return to her own world. Kung Pao is a parody of Kung Lao from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

    Dr. Victoria Shoals, an expert podiatrist who researches a foot infection found in Divekickers called Ped Urino, or "Foot Dive." After she contracts the disease on her face, she dons a mask and metal boots to enter Divekicking competitions in an effort to find a cure. Dr. Shoals is a female parody of Doctor Doom as he appears in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, while her name is a reference to the Dr. Scholl's footcare company.

    Uncle Sensei, Dive's and Kick's master who wears boots over his hands as well as his feet, changing "stances" after every kick. Becoming interested in Divekicking at a young age, he opened his own dojo and entered his first tournament upon returning from the Invasion of Grenada. Despite expanding the sport's popularity with a 10-year win streak, he was forced into retirement after Mr. N rigged the brackets of a tournament he was attending, leaving him bankrupt. He now makes what little money he can training Divekicking students at his dojo, including his nephews.

    Alex Jefailey, a fighting game tournament organizer whose head grows bigger with every round he wins. He runs a popular series of tournaments known as "Jefailey Effort Orlando" (JEO). He controversially enters his own events but does so only to encourage people to continue attending his events. His large ego has turned friends against him. He is based on fighting game event organizer Alex Jebailey, who contributed to the Kickstarter to have a character with his likeness included, with a dropkick inspired by Mike Haggar of Final Fight.

    The Baz, a man born on a mountain under a blood red moon, who is so awesome, he defecates lightning. While an excellent fighter, he has been rejected from league tournaments for looking too stupid, so he joins the Divekicking league due to its lack of standards. Having made no money yet, the Baz takes a job tracking down Mr. N as a bounty hunter for the mob. He is heavily invested in rope whips and ripped gym shirts. His kicks are based on Zero and Taskmaster as they appear Marvel vs. Capcom 3, with his appearance based on Zubaz, a rejected Street Fighter II character design spotlighted and repeatedly referenced on the Machinima series Fighterpedia and Two Best Friends Play. The series creators donated to the Kickstarter to have The Baz added as a playable character.

    Markman, an inventor who has just created the "Kickbox", a precision control item which gives users more control over their divekicking. He intends to show the world the power of the kickbox by entering Divekicking tournaments while using it, hoping sales will increase as a result. The character is a fictionalized version of MadCatz Community and Sponsorship Manager Mark Julio; while his playstyle is derived from that of Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Kazuya Mishima in Tekken.

    Stream, a straitjacket-wearing monster who lives in a prison made of keyboards, constantly fed free content through a monitor, only to react with harsh negativity, as doing so is the only thing which brings him joy. He breaks out of his prison to troll Divekick tournaments in person. He bears a strong resemblance to Firebrand as he appears in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and satirizes the concept of "stream monsters," users who leave scathing commentary in the chat rooms of fighting game live streams, yet never entering tournaments themselves. The divekick itself is inspired by Street Fighter's Dhalsim.

    Codename: S-Kill, the game's final boss. He is the leader of a criminal organization bent on "rebalancing" the world in the hopes of repackaging and selling it anew. However, realizing those in charge had not yet successfully rebalanced professional Divekicking, he emerges to do it himself. He is a fictionalized version of professional fighting gamer and former Capcom community manager Seth Killian.[12] S-Kill's teleportation ability and divekick are derived from those of Seth from Street Fighter IV, who was named after Killian. He also has a parry similar to those in Street Fighter III.

    Kenny, an angel who was killed at a young age. After barely losing to Dustin Weinburger in his first Divekicking competition, Kenny died later that day when Mr. N filled his shoes with Foot Dive bacteria. Though Mr. N was acquitted, Kenny won five consecutive Divekick tournaments in Heaven, and in recognition of his achievements, the god of Divekicking granted him a second chance to fight in the mortal world. Having spent time in heaven watching professional Divekicking tournaments down on Earth, he quickly learned to imitate the divekicks of the other fighters. Each round, Kenny imitates the dive and kick of a different fighter, chosen at random; however, he has his own unique special move, the Spirit Bullet, that remains consistent. Kenny was added at the request of a Kickstarter backer, who paid to have a character developed as a tribute to his deceased brother. The real-life Kenny's love of selecting the "Random Character" option in fighting games inspired the character's random copycat ability, similar to other copycat characters like Mokujin from Tekken and Edgemaster from Soulcalibur.
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