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The Final Strike! Episode 1: Path of the Demon

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It was an ordinary day in the bustling town of Sunnyvale, but in the darkest reaches of Golfland USA, some hearts beat only for the fight. Blakuma had spent the whole night building his iphone app, but felt something disturbing his work, something distracting his focus. "I must go now," Blakuma announced to his wife. "But where will you be?" she asked with concern. "I have some unfinished business," he assured her. Blakuma kicked right through the doors of SVGL, instantly killing the initial d players. As he walked over to get credits, he could feel his Gouki sense growing stronger, stronger than it had ever been. When he walked to the 3rd Strike cabinet, there was none other than Match, ultimate japan demon waiting for him. "I have traveled a very long way and gone to great lengths to find you Blakuma. I am here to claim the title of Top #1 akuma from you, and bring it back to the damn fine country of japan. When I'm done with you, you will barely be able to demon flip!" Blakuma was taken aback by the crude challenge presented by the foreigner. "NOW MATCH, YOU KNOW I'M THE BEST AKUMA WITH MY COMBOS," proclaimed Blakuma. "I will defeat you just as surely as I did the 3 hit red fireball and then nuki tried to super me and I canceled into demon." As they both tried to pick secret color akuma first, Blakuma decided such an ass beating was not worthy of mere mortals such as match. He moved the cursor to hugo and selected black hugo. The match began and blakuma flexed his claps. The pressure proved to be too much for match as he succumbed to a devastating blockstring of 3 ex claps in a row. "HU-DIESEL!" exclaimed blakuma. Match was visibly shaken by the earth moving power of blakuma's Hu-Diesel Gas Claps. As match cowered in the corner, blakuma unleashed a surprise crouching roundhouse(hugo's most damaging overhead), killing him in complete shame. Just then the sound of large screeching escalade tires permeated the sound barrier. The bass shook the very ground of golfland, bringing into question the legitimacy of many golf games. The back door of golfland exploded with gunfire. It was G-Unit! 50-Cent approached the cabinet with young buck and the game and M.O.P. "Blakuma! I'm here to take the title of greatest akuma from you... Or die tryin." As the match began, 50-Cent was overwhelmed by the style and consistency of Blakuma's demon flip dive kicks. "He IS DEFINITELY the 3rd best akuma after myself and Jiro," thought fitty. Blakuma's third consecutive demon flip dive kick made contact, and he followed up with a killing 6 hit combo. He threw the 3 hit fireball and canceled it right into demon. This setup is very impossible to escape because you can't cause if you parry you will get demoned and if you block you will get chip damaged and die. Blakuma watched akuma charge forward with the red fireball and admired his work. "Hate it or love the underdog is on top," thought blakuma. But soft, what light, through yonder window breaks? 50-Cent woke up with a KKZ! "G-G-G-G-UNITTT!" yelled 50-cent, disturbing all the golfers who weren't shot. Blakuma looked at the screen in horror. The final round was upon the two warriors. Blakuma unleashed a devastating offense of demon flips and tatsumakis with the occasional air fireball. As 50-cent ran into strike after strike, he thought about what life would be like if he were still just pushing bricks. Blakuma let loose a 3 hit fireball canceled into super 1. As 50-cent tried to get a teleport out, his whole life flashed before his eyes. "I been shot nine times," said fitty, defeated. Blakuma raised his fist in victory and struck down on the 3s cabinet, kkzing the surrounding area. As pieces of burning guilty gear movelist littered the ground around him he felt himself ascending, to shin blakuma. A hefty promotion with a lot of new responsibility. Blakuma left the golfland, sensing that all threats to the crown were extinguished.
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    I can't believe you actually wrote it lol. No one else will understand why 50-Cent was the secret boss.
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    I can't believe you actually wrote it lol. No one else will understand why 50-Cent was the secret boss.
    We can come up with our own theories though. Too bad for Louis when he reads his first story on blackuma and gets mad because of the Rap.


    "#1 Chun-Li in the United States"

    Dude I didn't even have to do anything with the MSPaint and draw (ChunLi stuff) on him. Hella moe~
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    1999 = "A Game with Parries isn't Street Fighter"
    2016 = "Releasing a Complete Game isn't Street Fighter"
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    I can't believe you actually wrote it lol. No one else will understand why 50-Cent was the secret boss.
    It's ok I don't remember why either

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    cool story bro
    SF main: Akuma
    not wannabe, GUNNA BE pro. just need more practice.
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    Is this 3S fanfiction?
  • jblairjblair mmm hotdogs Joined: Posts: 1,483
    Yes this is my 3s fanfic. Ok but for people who don't know blakuma really does say hu-diesel when he plays hugo and really does say he did the fireball thing to nuki. Pretty dope guy
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    blackuma > match > 5 Star
    pherai gouki dated gwen stefani in HighSchool. Thats why today she likes all things Japan. smokin.gif
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    Chapter 2:

    It was a dark and stormy night where Blackuma sat recuperating in the darkness muttering to himself sweet nonsense and nursing a lethal hatred. Visiting the SRK 3S Sub-forum, reading topic after topic on rebalance and jerkiness among peers. Ah, a tiny glint of madness so sparkled in his black inhuman eyes (no offense) and he knew what had to be done.

    August 29th (Judgement Day)
    Blackuma appeared in his hobo gi at the final 3S tournament being streamed by Mike Watson and the rest of the SRK Illuminati. Strutting by the SF4 and Marvel 3 nubs and looking down in shame at the feeble hype dripping from the thirsty scrubs playing Dive Kick with their custom Madcatz arcade sticks emblazoned with Spiderman and Mai. He had no time for such scrubby-ness and sought the one man (is it a man? Or a fallen god, recalling Dionysus) who could give him a suitable enough challenge... AKUMA-HAX! But it seemed his journey would have an abrupt end, slowly wading through a crowd obsessed with Dive Kicks and KFC, but the 3S players were not in attendance. He seemed puzzled that this seemed so and saw Mike Watson by the corner grinning, clutching his weathered barbie doll necklace with one hand and a McRib in the other. With his superhuman hearing he could hear Mike whisper "No 3rd Strike, fuck parries lol!" And that was enough to invoke the wraith of the mighty Blackuma who farted upwards in Tatsu mayhem and landing in front of Watson who starred with retarded horror at the black and evil Hercules who loomed over him. He at first cowered, pleading that he is not worthy but Blackuma would hear none of it! He looked as though he was going to bitch slap him but no! It turned out to be a Kara Demon.

    In the car JROD stirred and said to the other 3S players that they had to go back to the arcade, disturbing their consumption of Red Bull and cheap weed in the process. Renic (sensitive as always) whined that he didn't finish his Red Bull but coerced by the others and reminded of past Maxipad slingings decided to go back to the arcade. Soon, after discussing the logistics of Alex vs Chun (in detail!) the So Cal 3S crew arrived at the arcade. Just as they stepped out they heard someone shout "Yo!" and it turned out to be AKUMA-HAX dressed in a Carlton Banks T-shirt and hair like Kid 'N Play but before the greetings could be formalized Blackuma emerged with a mic in hand.

    Blackuma spoke "Yo!" and challenged AKUMA-HAX to a rap battle.

    To be continued!
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    Swing and a miss.
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    I dared...
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    August 29th, 2013

    Log entry number 3:

    I am surrounded by Smasher.

    Oh shit they're here!

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    I smoke one ounce starin at the caddy on the showroom floor
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    You smoked crack?
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    supah supah dance
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    sanwa sticks are for peasants
  • jblairjblair mmm hotdogs Joined: Posts: 1,483
    super super super
    and we'll always be flyin higher

    seriously tho norcal
    iphone apps
    sanwa sticks are for peasants
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    need more episodes please
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