AMP Up Customs: Now taking orders. TE2, MCZ SE, FS Pro, and Hori FE

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Angel Perez. My nickname is B-boy Tekken. I'm from Pasadena, TX and I'm know around the Houston area, not for my Tekken Skills (LOL) but for my involvment in the Houston area for helping Organize and Run Houston Tournaments. From hosting local gatherings to help run Houston's own Texas Trash Day I must say that I love being part of the FGC here in Houston TX. Just a little bit about my self. I'm 32 years old. I have a Girlfriend of which we've been together for 9 years. Together we have a beautiful Daughter who will be 7. I started playing on stick just because of All the types of customizations that come along with owning a joystick. I really don't have a main game anymore. If I were to be seen on the PSN or LIVE I probably would be seen playing COD: MW3. But I am a true fighter at heart. I love to rep my city of Pasadena any way that I can and I'm glad I am Finally about to make My move on my Projects that I've been planning on for a long long time. With that being said. I give to you all AMPed Up Customs.

The first thing that AMPED UP CUSTOMS will be offering are

Custom Metal Replacement Panels and Matching Plexi for your very own Arcade stick. These Replacement panels are made for Your very own personal interest. Let's say you love how the Hori EX2 button layout fits just right in your hands but the Joystick it's self is just way to small and light, Wishing your Other arcade sticks had that very same layout. Well now you can.

Panels: My TE custom panels will be made to your own choice. Please specify the following when placing the order.
1st - Identify which TE's you have.
2nd - If you want a full TE panel that covers the Whole front or a regular panel that fits right inside a bezel.
3rd - If you are installing a Jap or Korean stick. I need to the know the size whole for the arcade stick. Once you have choosen and the order has been cut, there WILL BE NO EXCHANGES.
4th - How many button holes you would like. (Ex. 6 buttons or the usual 8 button layout).
5th - The Type of button layout you would like. (Ex. HORI EX2 layout, T5 stick layout, Hori FS3 layout).
6th - Anything extra like not cutting out the Home, Turbo guide slot cut out or leave it as is.

Assembly: My panels were made to fit any joystick into your arcade stick. Whether it be the popular Sanwa's or the Seimetsu's to the new flavors like the Crown. Happ sticks will no fit into a MadCatz TE stick due to it's bulky size under the panel. You will still be able to install a Happ or an IL arcade stick on my panels but you will have to do some major modding inside your case to fit such sticks. Like cutting out some of the plastic casing and sanding down the shaft of the stick. My panels will include all washers and screws to install your arcade stick. I will include drawings and illustrations on how to install your arcade stick.

Pricing: Metal replacement panels are $30/$40/$50 depending on case. Lexan is $20/$30 depending on case.

Payments: Please send payments via PayPal to I'm only accepting paypal as of now.

Shipping: I will only be servicing the US of A. I will not be able to full fill any international orders at this time. Though I will keep it in mind in the future. I will be shipping out orders through USPS or UPS. Not sure as of yet. I will update a permanent shipping solution once I have completed the first 20 sales. Tracking info will be provided once it's available.

Well that's it for now. I will keep updating this first page with all the New incoming news and events. Thank you so much. I hope the community gives me a fair chance at this. I will treat each individual sale just as important as the next. I plan on growing this as big as I can and it will all be up to you. The Fighting Game Community. Thank you very much. God Bless.

Coming soon: Updated 11/10/2014 - Hori FE, Hori SCV case. AMP's very own arcade cases. Oh you know they gonna be nice. :) Stay tuned.
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