Favorite Street Fighter Game?

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Hey guys!. Newbie here. For my first post, i'll ask a pretty debatable question based on personal taste or preference. What's your favorite Street Fighter game? Mine would have to be 3rd Strike. The animations, flow of the game, music, and, although tricky; the parry system was really cool for me. I still find myself playing it a lot on the Sega Dreamcast to this day. Too bad my control stick sucks though :/ So, who ya got?
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    king of street fighters 2012 tournament edition

    chong li is really good in that version
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    Chong Li was pretty broke but so was Chris Klein"s Nash out super...
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    This thread is now about salad dressing tiers.

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    BraverSoul wrote: »
    For my first post, i'll ask a pretty debatable question

    Indeed, it is debatable that you should have posted this at all!

    You truly are a braver soul.
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    Google "Blue Waffle."

    Thank me later, super duper SF technique.
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    Killer Instinct 64
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    Street Fighter 1 HD Remix on MUGEN.
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    Yie Ar Kung Fu. Street Fighter before everybody thought it was cool.
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012.

    Lot's of problems with this game but the good outweighs the bad and it's the only fighter that has gotten my interest since SF2 and Tekken 3.
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    Super Turbo, and Third Strike.
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    ST, Alpha 3 (more people should play), and it's not street fighter but more American players should try Kof 2k2.
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    It will always be Alpha 3 for me. Always. Not ashamed to say that I'm a die-hard fan of it.
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    For me, Alpha 2 Gold is just so good. Where is my HD ver Capcom!?
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    BraverSoul wrote: »
    Hey guys!. Newbie here. For my first post, i'll ask a pretty debatable question based on personal taste or preference. What's your favorite Street Fighter game? Mine would have to be 3rd Strike. The animations, flow of the game, music, and, although tricky; the parry system was really cool for me. I still find myself playing it a lot on the Sega Dreamcast to this day. Too bad my control stick sucks though :/ So, who ya got?

    On the Dreamcast better play Double Impact. One of the best CPS3 ports.
    Also SF2T is a nice conversion as well with no stage delay.

    My favorite SF game has to be SF2 The New Challengers. The 4 new characters (Fei Long, Cammy, T. Hawk and Dee Jay) plus their stages and music overshadowed any previous SF character. No Super meter either.
    too slow!
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    Hyper Fighting, then 3rd Strike & Super Turbo.
    My main: the most lame, cheesy, trollish character in your favorite game.

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    street fighter 1
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    BzChoy wrote: »
    Hyper Fighting, then 3rd Strike & Super Turbo.

    These really are the 3 that most would argue as the very best. They are god tier.

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    SFxTekken, with 3rd Strike as a close 2nd.
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    Killer Instinct (Xbox One)

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    This thread is now about salad dressing tiers.


    Thousand Island


    That is heinous.

    Aquashark wrote: »
    Alpha2 trumps all.

    I think that's my favorite SF.
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    SSF2THDR is my favorite, with SSBM just below, followed closely by SC3. I like all nearly all Fighting games to some extent, as it's one of my favorite genres.
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    SFV: Juri
    Ultra: Dan, Sakura, Blanka
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    Alpha3. I wish CC's weren't there so I could play the game.
  • free_manfree_man Joined: Posts: 81
    ST and 3S.
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    ST, SFA2, SFA3, and 3S
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    It really depends on the situation.
    I love Hyper SF2 for casual play, but I think SFA3 is my favourite.
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    SFxT > Alpha2 > Alpha3 > ST > SF4

    in that order.
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    Just gonna tier my favorites, assuming that crossovers aren't included:

    S Tier

    Alpha 2
    3rd Strike
    Hyper Fighting

    A Tier


    B Tier

    2nd Impact
    New Generation

    C Tier

    Alpha 3

    • In terms of crossovers, CvS2 and SFxT would be A, CFE would be B.
    • I'd bump EX2 to S Tier if Excels weren't so prominent lol
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    I love 3s the most followed by HDR/ST (yeah I don't mind HDR one bit). Used to be reversed then I saw god, or maybe that was 3rd strike I forget.
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    I play SF4, but I know that the SF3 games would be my favourite if I played them.
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    Darkphyre wrote: »
    Alpha 3> ST> Alpha 2> SF3> SFxT> shit > SF4

    in that order.
  • javertjavert 'sup Joined: Posts: 1,134
    3S > Alpha 2 > USF4 > ST

    I really, really wanted to have played Alpha 3 but at the time, arcades never got into my city and didn't own PS1, so I couldn't do anything but drool at characters like Karin and R. Mike (and now I know Zangief was top tier) and stuff like the Isms and especially guard crush. If it was as good as it looked, it would have competed with 3S for the first place.
  • UCFinishUCFinish Tim Joined: Posts: 109
    My 'favorite' kind of bounces around between ST, Alpha 2, and (I suppose not technically Street Fighter, but it pretty much is) CvS2.
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    My favorite Street Fighter game is Street Fighter Alpha 2
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    Street Fighter EX2+

    dat soundtrack
    dem super cancels
  • EPsilon933EPsilon933 Joined: Posts: 176
    3rd Strike is really good
  • RomuskaRomuska Dark Love Joined: Posts: 184
    All time favorite huh? I'd have to say USF4. SF4 was the first game in the series that I ever played competitively and USF4 is pretty much the final version. I gotta give props to 3S and Alpha 3.
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    why not

    3S, HF, samsho 1+2, ST
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  • EnvyDesyreEnvyDesyre Joined: Posts: 1
    Alpha 3, EX2 Plus, 3rd Strike.
  • SatsuinohadoryuSatsuinohadoryu Joined: Posts: 14
    1- Street Fighter 3rd strike/ Capcom vs Snk 2 (If counted as a Street fighter game)
    2- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    3- Street Fighter 2 Turbo Hyper Fighting
    4- Street fighter Alpha 2
    5- ''Ultra'' Street Fighter 4/ Street Fighter Alpha 3
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    USF4 > Ranch > Thousand Island > MVC2 > Italian > Street Fighter 2010
  • Mangy_CatMangy_Cat Hello Kitty Ricki! Joined: Posts: 583
    USF4 and Alpha series because they have Rose in it
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    sfa3, usf4
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