Favorite Street Fighter Game?



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    Greenwood wrote: »
    USF4 > Ranch > Thousand Island > MVC2 > Italian > Street Fighter 2010

    MvC2 under USF4? Blasphemy!
    My main: the most lame, cheesy, trollish character in your favorite game.

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    Thrird Strike
    SFV: M. Bison/Alex/Necalli
    SF4: Akuma/M. Bison/Fei Long
    3S: Oro/Akuma/Alex
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    Breakers Revenge
    Fighters History Dynamite/Karnov's Revenge
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    3rd Strike.
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    It's a toss-up between ST and 3rd Strike. I really like the combination of mechanical simplicity and general craziness in ST, which makes the game excellent for teaching fundamentals, and allows you to get far on playing a basic but solid game without needing to learn complicated combos or mechanics. However, I don't think I've ever played a fighting game where the gameplay flows as well as it does in 3rd Strike, and the game is insanely well-animated and has amazing sound design.
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    3rd Strike. Agree with what Naeras said about it.
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    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Fight for Future, and Alpha 2 holds a special place in my heart because it was my first SF
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    Sf x tekken [I know I know]
    Ultrasf4[sf2-3-alpha fanservice edition]
    Tatsunoko vs capcom 2[IF]
    Doa 5: Random Select.
    Ultra: Makoto/dudley/hugo/Oni/Cody/Guy/Honda/Poison.
    Mvc2: Random Select.
    Sf5: All the odd ones, no main
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    Either 3rd Strike or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. TvC was what got me into fighting games (along with Hyper SF2) but 3rd Strike was something I wanted to play for a hell of a long time and did not disappoint when I finally did.
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    SF3 - Dudley, Alex
    Haven't played MvC3 in ages so I don't even know
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    Even though USFIV is a better game, the Street Fighter 2 series will always hold a place in my heart. It's one of those games that defines my childhood, you know? I can play it all day long without ever getting bored.

    Also, if Capcom vs. SNK 2 counts, that goes on my podium as well.
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    3rd Strike for sheer awesomeness from every angle.

    Vanilla SF 4 for coming out at a time when the fighting game scene needed it the most.

    SF2 Championship Edition for bringing us the best bosses ever.

    No particular order, but I can't choose just one.

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    Street Fighter Ex 2 Plus.
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    Street Fighter: Captain Zangief's Ultimate Foreskin Edition (you know the one)
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    3s, a2... nuff said
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    sf3 3s(classic high depth and somewhat balanced)
    ssf2t(classic high depth and very well balanced)
    cfj(cool to play as warzard/darkstalkers vs sf characters)
    sfa3(classic love the support systems)
    sfex2(better than ex3)
    sfex3(underrated. loved rosso,skullo,doctrine dark,jack and shadow geist)
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    SFA3 is my all time fav. I played the PS1 version on a PS2 for years & years. =)
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    Street Fighter V hahaha
    And Super Street Fighter 2
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    alpha 3
    id say mvc2 but it's a marvel game
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    Mvc2: Random Select.
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    Out of all of the Street Fighter games, I prefer (as bad as I am at them):

    Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
    Street Fighter EX 2 Plus
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    Alpha 3 by far, followed by USF4, Alpha 2 and ST.
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    Haven't noticed this thread yet so as a start here, out of all that Iv'e played, my favorites are

    SF2 Champion Edition
    3rd strike
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    Super Turbo
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    It's a tie between Alpha 3 and Alpha 2, followed by Third Strike.
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    Alpha 2 and 3S
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    3S and V. ST and HD are rad though.
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    3S, CvS2, A2
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    tie between SF EX2 Plus and EX3

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