The GD Selfie thread, Let's play Black or Crack!...a... ok I suck at these puns

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Well it seems some people actually want to see what we all all look like. Post away!
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  • VynceVynce Hater. Joined: Posts: 14,668
    (lol@ my own finger. Jesus.)
    Be well.
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    no selfies, I'm afraid on this phone. But this'll have to do. An old pic from earlier this year
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  • WTF-AKUMA-HAXWTF-AKUMA-HAX V-ISM BOB SAGAT 30th Anniversary Joined: Posts: 18,102
    I already posted what you all look like. :coffee:

    Probably no pics on this computer. Maybe I can help with your pun.

    Crack epidemic? For black people?! Way negative. So people who aren't black, are on crack whaaa

    "Black don't crack!" - about the black women.
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    I did not expect the Epidemic to look so... responsible.

    I bet he's really articulate, too :rolleyes:

    Be well.
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    Why do you have a golden razor blade around your neck? Quick Suicide Option?
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    oh yeah, kudos to @vynce for rocking a sony walkman phone, I miss mine.
    Never forget:
    Boel wrote: »
    phantom angel the kinda guy that eats a roll of dental floss so that he can slowly come to a shuddering climax as he pulls it out his ass

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    Kromo wrote: »
    No. No. No.

    That is not what ANY of you look like.

    Of course it is.

    @Sonicabid you'll be pleased to know that I only occasionally use hair spray*, these days. The superchops were just for one photo (beard shaved). I'd rock them for real if work/wife allowed. I'd post the selfie I took yesterday, would I could.

    *I know. But I'm not about to use that Got 2 Be freeze stuff.
    Be well.
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    Boel wrote: »
    I should probably lose some weight prior to posting, too much boel to go around at the momente

    Just more of you to love sir.
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    @Sonicabid any intention to put up, or...?
    Be well.

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