[Nov 9, 2013] Fall Brawl @ Ignite Gaming Lounge $200 in pot bonuses(Chicago, IL)

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Ignite Network
3341 N Elston
Chicago, IL 60618

FB Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/672686649409416

Stream link: Watch live video from ignitegl on www.twitch.tv

Venue Fee: $10
Tournament entry: $10 per game unless otherwise specified below
The 4 official games that get the most entrants will receive a $50 pot bonus.

12 PM -Venue opens and Signups Start
Signups for each game end 20 minutes before they are scheduled to start
2 PM - SF4, KoF, and BBCP start
5:30 - MvC3, P4A, and TTT2 start
7:30 - Side games start. Confirmed list: Skullgirls (Run by Noah) GGAC+R (Run by Shinsyn)

Games and rules
Top 3 payout 70/20/10 unless otherwise specified

SFIV: AE 2012 (Xbox 360)
No character or stage bans. 2/3 matches until finals with 3/5. Loser may change character.

UMvC 3 (Xbox 360)
No character or stage bans. Either player may request a stage. Any glitch deliberately performed that results in the match being unable to be played out normally results in an automatic DQ with no warming. 3/5 matches.

No character bans, white stage banned, 2/3 matches until finals with 3/5. Loser may change character, either may change order.

TTT2 (PS3)
No character or stage bans. Random stage selection. 3/5 rounds, 2/3 matches until finals with 3/5

P4A (PS3)
No character or stage bans. 2/3 matches until finals with 3/5.

BBCP (PS3) $5 Entry
No bans, 2/3 until 3/5 finals.

Side Games
SG (PC or PS3 if patch comes in time)
No bans, 2/3 till 3/5 finals. $5 entry

EX/Shaddow/Gold characters banned, 2/3 until 3/5 finals. $10 Entry

We will need consoles and games! If you want to help out and bring your system for the tournament please contact me directly. You can send me a PM through here, or send an email to noahvand@gmail.com. Posting in this page alone is not a confirmation for you to bring your system, and does not guarantee a waived venue fee.

All those that are confirmed through me to bring a system will not pay a venue fee.

If you have a game that is not being officially run that you want to have a side-tournament for, please contact me. Side tournaments will be at 7:30, and I will need volunteers to help run those brackets.

Please note that Ignite Gaming Lounge is open to the public, and we can't have the staff's eyes on the donated consoles at all times. Please be vigilant and responsible for your belongings.

Food and drinks are available at the venue, but outside food and drink is allowed, including delivery.

See you there!
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