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Chun-Li Thread



  • KuenaiKuenai Outta Gas Joined: Posts: 2,249
    uhh?! i think your talking about 3rd strike
    i've never heard of hit confirming chun's super in ST
    somebody coreect me if im wrong

    Corrected. You can do it off of fireball as well. I believe the strong and fierce punch connects are just links, but I may be wrong.
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  • GonzalesGonzales Half Crazy Joined: Posts: 465
    really this is awsome i gotta start practicing this techinique it will really help my chun game
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    Wow, I should not be attempting to do forum moderation so early in the morning. Accidentally merged a thread instead of deleting it. :looney:
    It was a fun ten years.

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  • KerseyKersey Cyrax Wins Joined: Posts: 504
    How do you escape O.Sim yoga flame trap in the corner? I could only think of jumping out which gets me thrown.
  • BattosaiBattosai Joined: Posts: 766 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Here is an old school vid of SSF2 tourney from japan 1994 with Muteki using chun li against a really good ryu player.

  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594
    Hey, I'm a newbie ST scrub, and I've got a few questions about Chun-Li. I'm wondering specifically about her matchup against Dictator. Now, normally I do pretty well against Dictator with Chun, but once in a while I'll go up against somebody who completely stomps the fuck out of me. I think a lot of it might just come down to "do it better," but I thought I'd go ahead and ask.

    Usually against Dictator, I can consistently knock them out of the air with vertical LKs, HPs, and jump forward/backward MKs. SOME Bisons seem to always beat me, either with MP (x3) or HK. Is this just a timing thing, where I have to try to be above him, or am I picking bad air-to-air attacks? It's just so weird - I'm used to beating Bison out of the air clean, most of the time, and then sometimes I'll get nailed over and over again. I suspect that this is a timing thing for Bison, where a well-timed attack can potentially beat Chun (since most of chun's attacks stay out a long time, so I don't think it's my timing that is off. Or, you know, maybe it is). Should I be going for reaction vertical HK?

    Sometimes I also have problems dealing with Dictator semi-keepaway tactics. He'll crouch, wait for me to walk forward, then knee press and jump back safely. If I jump forward, usually I get a mid-air headstomp. I think I know what I have to do - just walk forward, block it and gain ground, or reaction jump against the knee press (not for damage, but for position, and bison loses charge - go for block damage, pressure strings, or a tick-throw). Is that the right idea? Sometimes it's hard to do for me, and I know I jump more than I should (doesn't help when I'm playing on GGPO - every millisecond counts when you're trying to punish bullshit), but if I'm on the right track, I'll just keep at it.

    Finally, I have a rough time against smart Dictators who keep me in the corner. A lot of time it's the normal kick, kick, kick, throw or kick, kick, kick, knee press stuff, where I figure I just need to work on my throw reversal / tech timing (right?). But I also can have a rough time against Dicator's vert. LK for pressure when he tosses that in amongst pokes and knee presses, since it seems like it will stuff any attack, knocks me out of a jump, and will let bison combo another kick -> knee press if I block. Should I walk under? Time for a SBK? Try to trade MK, fireball, or HP? At this point, I'm usually flailing a little bit. Is there a single preferred tactic for this situation?

    Obviously I try to avoid getting stuck in the corner. What I try to do against Dictator is keep the pressure on, since I know he doesn't have any good anti-air. That means lots of jump-ins when I'm close and lots of MPs and cr.MKs, occasionally mixing up with a throw attempt or a special for chip damage. Tips on good Chun-Li pressure are appreciated - I mostly use just those two, but I know there's room for improvement. What do you use for the mixup throw game, besides these two? st. LP seems like it would be useful, anything else...?

    I try to go for the neckbreaker (df.HK) whenever I get a knockdown, since I know it's safe against him, throw out a few fireballs hoping to catch the beginning of a jump or a knee press for the knockdown or get a little chip damage in, rarely use lightning legs (only for chip), and never use the spinning bird kick. Sometimes I'll try for the upkicks, but usually it seems too risky. Am I missing any clever applications?

    I'm also working on the combos I saw on page 3. MP -> cr.HK is a little iffy for me, but I'll keep at it.

    I also have some questions about the matchup against Cammy. Cammy players are so rare; I'm not sure if I understand this matchup at all.
  • Footsy BebopFootsy Bebop Joined: Posts: 326
    Against dictator, if you keep getting nailed with j. st x 3 or j. rh, that kind of player is super "antsy" to counter your jump in attack with their own jumping attack. Against that type of player, try to bait his jumping attack and walk under and hit/throw him or verticl jump with short should reverse his jump in attacks.

    And you're right, other than that j. st x 3, dictator doesn't really have a lot of good anti airs. So pick your spots and initiate the attack with your own jumping attack first. Throw in some throw mixup strategies and utilize lightning legs when you're up close, it stuffs the double kick and his favorite pokes (standing forward/rh). the psycho crusher seems to get through sometimes, but often time lightning legs will stuff the psycho crusher as well. For the head press, I would just do jump backwards and forward kick or even air throw it.
  • KuenaiKuenai Outta Gas Joined: Posts: 2,249
    Better not use jump back forward against headstomp, because 90% of the time, dic will go right above the kick and stomp your face. Also, if timed correctly, the punch on the way down will beat every attack chun has, no exceptions. If he's coming up at you with headstomp and you're already in the air, your best chance is to take the gamble and forward, but if he does headstomp, don't chase him into the air. Try and neutral jump rh if he's coming at you with the flaming punch. Also, when hes coming down toward you (not from above, only if he's beyond the 45 degree line from your head), the jump> airthrow is good. If he's right above you, the neutral jump rh is your best bet. Believe it or not, jumping strong is also a very god anti-air with chun, so if dic is coming at you in the air and he's too high for you to do forward, rh and strong are decent options.

    IMHO, when dictator gets momentum and starts stomping chun, this match becomes one of her hardest matches in the game, just because she has so little to fight against him with.
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  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594
    Thanks for the tips guys, I'm slowly getting a little better. Still working on getting that super out when I need it.

    Have you guys been obsessing over the HD Remix news? Sounds like Chun got a little toned down, which is a bummer for me. :(

    * Super does less damage.
    * Throw does less damage (probably).
    * Spinning Bird Kick has a new arc (?).
    * Flip kick/Neckbreaker no longer crosses up (!).
    * Additional changes (...).

    And, not really a change to Chun, but I guess now Honda and Hawk might have some real tools to deal with bullshit, so that takes away from Chun's glory somewhat. Also Dictator's Devil Reverse has invincibility on the way up, so harder to keep pressure on him. On the flip side, maybe Chun will have better tools against Fei Long.

    Hard to say without the game being out yet, and all. I guess speculation's pointless.
  • chun_li1chun_li1 Joined: Posts: 147
    @ shadowless

    Nothing is confirmed yet for changes.

    But you can be sure of these nerfs, less throw damage and cross up on neckbreaker are gone, since those are the moves most players call Chun *insert bad name.

    Not that its gonna stop in HD remix, lol


    PS. New SBK better be good. New arc, more stun, juggle, maybe more invincibilty (that 1 is wishful thinking^^)?

    If this were true, that be awesome to punish bad called moves (random tatsus, hawk dives, wall dive, etc.)
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  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594
    Can somebody confirm or deny: In ST, neckbreaker (df+HK) can cross up against some opponents (as listed on the wiki, not including 'shenanigans'). It must be blocked low if it is timed to hit extremely late. It can always be blocked low.

    Yeah, obviously nothing is confirmed, but those are the changes that had been made at the time, and they're probably going to be reflected in the final version.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for SBK. It would be nice if there were reasons to use it besides charging up your super.
  • Xeno-VXeno-V Joined: Posts: 129
    Sorry if it has been answered before but i am playing AE (PS2 version) and I am trying to do Chun's stored super but it never comes out.
    I read that it works on ST. Does the same apply for AE?
    I don't think that I am doing sth wrong, cause I can pull off the super anytime.
    When trying to do the stored version I charge b, f, b, f and walk towards and then press K but nothing comes out.
  • AlphastormAlphastorm SRK's Kingofbeatdown Joined: Posts: 1,172 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    You need to hold start when selecting ST then pick chun-li.
  • tsukihimebloodtsukihimeblood Blood and Tsundere Joined: Posts: 767
    Sorry if it has been answered before but i am playing AE (PS2 version) and I am trying to do Chun's stored super but it never comes out.
    I read that it works on ST. Does the same apply for AE?
    I don't think that I am doing sth wrong, cause I can pull off the super anytime.
    When trying to do the stored version I charge b, f, b, f and walk towards and then press K but nothing comes out.

    you have to hold start when you choose SUPERT at the character select screen.

    I had this same problem :wink:

    edit: beaten by Alphastorm
  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594

    And for what it's worth, yeah, the second poster is the correct one. Hold start when selecting 'SUPERT' - if it's done correctly, you should hear a semi-quiet chime instead of the normal selection sound.
  • Xeno-VXeno-V Joined: Posts: 129
    Woah, thanks guys I am gonna try it as soon as i get the chance.
    Hope that Ill manage to do sth like jumping hk, st. fp. , super.
    I also hope that it will still work in HD remix.
  • tsukihimebloodtsukihimeblood Blood and Tsundere Joined: Posts: 767
    Woah, thanks guys I am gonna try it as soon as i get the chance.
    Hope that Ill manage to do sth like jumping hk, st. fp. , super.
    I also hope that it will still work in HD remix.

    From what I've read in the STHD thread stored super and upkicks after super are still in. I think the super damage was toned down a bit though.

    I would send you a link but I don't want to go through that thread to find it. I think it was a couple weeks ago where I read it. I also believe this was info from the current build at the time so it may not make it to the final product.
  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594
    Yeah, I posted the changes further up on the page.

    Unless they've changed since then. And of course they could still change from now.
  • Xeno-VXeno-V Joined: Posts: 129
    Thanks again for the info.
    I finally managed to do the stored super but I am wondering why j. hk, st fp xx super didn't work.
    I stored the super as I should, then pressed uf to maintain the super and pressed hk as late as possible. Then i pressed hp and finally i piano-ed all kick buttons and it didn't work.
    Is my timing wrong? I am sure that my inputs are correct...
  • Xeno-VXeno-V Joined: Posts: 129
    Update: Actually I can't combo anything into stored super. Is there some "trick" behind getting it to combo?
  • ShadowlessShadowless Dreamer Joined: Posts: 1,594
    Do you get a normal, then a super? If so, I'm guessing it's just a timing issue.
    If the super doesn't come out at all, it might be an input issue.
    I'm just assuming it works in whatever version of ST you're playing. I know some of them are wonky, but nothing else.
  • Xeno-VXeno-V Joined: Posts: 129
    I can do the super anytime. When i store it and then walk up to the opponent and just press K it always comes out.
    When i try to cancel anything into super it never works. I tried s lp, cr lp, s. fp after a jumping hk.
    Can this be a timing issue or do I need to do some kind of cancel or something?
  • ZandwichZandwich prince of all saiyan Joined: Posts: 449
    I need major help vs O.Sagat and Claw. I cant seem to AA claw and walldive absolutely destroys me. On the ground I cant seem to get my footing and his jump is so quick that throwing fireballs seems like a terrible mistake and also the only thing I can do.

    with o.sagat, he is o.sagat and i find that a well timed j.forward from a walljump can trade w/ a DP but this isnt enough to win me a match. since I cant go toe to toe w/ his fireballs and chuns long jump makes it hella scary to jump in on sagat, what do i do?
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  • insomnotekinsomnotek insomno reppa Joined: Posts: 723
    try to beat claws jump ins with well timed neutral jump rh. the hit box for that move is very generous and it knocksdown giving you great space advantage.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    The other day, I saw my friend do something with Chun Li I'd never seen before... He anticipated an opponent's jump-in and met it with j.up HK xx air Spinning Bird Kick. :confused:

    Anti-air knockdown, meter, and 5 billion style points. Even if it was a complete accident.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Tactics in Chun Li vs. O.Sagat
    Here are some of my old notes on this match; maybe someone will find them helpful. Hopefully the info is all correct. I've purposefully kept this to "X beats Y" tactics and stayed away from the strategical questions of this match, since I'm a lot less sure about those. Also, I suck at this game.

    LK Upkicks are hard to use in this match, because Sagat has to be very close. The problem is that you can try to hit his jump attack with it from farther out, but just go launching harmlessly into the air, because his j.HK has fairly withdrawn hittable areas -- you can't reach them with the move and you just go through him.

    Anti-air super will work and you should definitely do it if you can. However, I personally find the timing such that it's very difficult to land this for all the hits.

    J.up LK will stuff anything he tries air-to-air. I learned this from NKI in this thread a few pages back. However, after observing it for a while, I'm not completely sold on this move... It has considerable startup (6 frames), so you're probably going to have to just guess when he's jumping. Guessing wrong and flailing around with straightjumps isn't the safest thing to do, and given that it does poor damage, the risk/reward on this seems iffy. It also has mediocre range, and if Sagat jumped from farther out, you can both miss each other in the air entirely and then he lands while you're still vulnerable on your way down. Play around with it and see what what you think; maybe you'll like it better than I do.

    c.MK anti-air trip is possible (from farther away, hitting him as he lands with the very tip), but you will need a surgeon's precision to use this, as there is almost no room for error with the horizontal range. Unless you are an expert, I don't think this is worth messing with.

    LP fireball done late and on reaction to his jumping from farther away works, and it's one of the few anti-airs that are consistent from that range. You will lose the damage trade but gain the knockdown.

    J.up HK is one of the most reliable counters if your reflexes and anticipation are good. Use it from fairly close, at a range where he will get hit by it whether he's attacking or not.

    Jumping his low fireballs
    If you jumped his fireball from full screen, you are only going to be able to get one attack in before he is pushed away. Now, a lot of Chuns are used to just jumping with MK all the time, but I think better here is the j.HP, as it is Chun's strongest attack that will hit Sagat's low-Tigering arms.

    If you jumped his fireball from ~3/4ths screen, you'll land closer and will be able to tack on an extra attack. I believe the best sequence here is j.HP followed by c.HK. Normally that would be an extremely difficult link, but it's not too bad here because of the way the game mechanics work -- for jumping attacks, hit stun lasts a lot longer if the opponent is crouching, and Sagat throwing a low Tiger counts as crouching. So the timing isn't too bad. After you knock him down with the c.HK, you can continue the pressure with an immediate auto-safejump (see Shenanigans section).

    If you get caught in the air, then in my experience you should try j.HP and see what happens. I've looked at virtually all of the interactions between each of her jumping attacks and every Sagat anti-air, and I won't bore you with the details, but the j.HP generally comes out the best. The priority is high enough that you can actually beat the Tiger Uppercut cleanly from certain angles, like when you jump from far away and he isn't close enough. Another example is against his s.far HP -- you will beat it cleanly if you "land on" its hitting frame, or if he attacked a bit later, you still get a hit trade.

    Don't get me wrong, because as far as I know, if Sagat plays perfectly then there is nothing you can do to avoid being anti-aired cleanly. That said, j.HP gives you your best chance of a good outcome.

    Shenanigans & Pressure Notes
    Automatic safejump is possible anytime after you land a c.HK, as long as he didn't get knocked into the corner (where he "sticks" for a moment and it messes up the timing). Simply jump at him immediately after the c.HK lands; you should be holding up-towards as the move is recovering so she jumps as soon as she can. It takes a while to get in the habit of thinking, "OK, if this hits then I jump immediately," but this tactic will yield tons of free initiative if you can use it.

    Free crossup after throw is another built-in pressure sequence, as long as you didn't throw him into the corner (where, again, he "sticks" for a moment and the timing gets ruined). You know he can't tech your throw because he's playing an old character, and you can just hold up-towards. If he does a reversal Tiger Uppercut as he rises, it will miss behind you.

    Crossing Sagat up can be hard if you aren't gifted with good timing, because his shape is weird and you need to kick earlier in the air if you want the crossup to connect, leaving you less time to combo your next attack. If you don't want to try the 5-frame c.MK, then you have a number of 4-frame options:

    s.close HP isn't really appropriate here, unless you're one of those freaks who can buffer lightning legs after it, but even then it's questionable.

    s.close MK with a buffered MK lightning legs gets you chip damage. Maybe after you do the jumping MK crossup, you can just start slamming on the button, but I tend to goof it up and get kara-cancelled moves sometimes.

    s.close LK can be a tick setup.

    s.close LP is cute, either as a tick setup or into some oddball combos: crossup j.MK, s.close LP, s.close LP, c.LP xx LK lightning legs, which isn't as hard as it sounds. To get the gist of it, practice the simplified version: s.close LP, c.LP xx LK lightning legs. The way you do it is simply press LP~LK and keep mashing on both of those buttons while holding down.
  • VPTVPT I give up... Joined: Posts: 765
    I couldn't think of anywhere else to ask this, but oh well.

    So I've been messing around with HF Chun-Li in AE and I think that she's pretty good. A lot of her moves have pretty good hit boxes and also high priority. Plus, I think her fireball stuns pretty fast. This was all against the computer, so it could be irrelevant. I just thought that it was worth sharing...
  • BaSiK_TeKniKBaSiK_TeKniK Joined: Posts: 1,365
  • maximuspitamaximuspita Joined: Posts: 135
    T. Hawk j.lp destroys me.

    Can the pros give me a few pointers againts T. Hawk. Also keep up the great thread and wiki!
    Also Mizu.
  • zaspacerzaspacer Joined: Posts: 553
    streetfighterdojo.com: Super Turbo Chun Li

    I finally got the ST Chun Li section up at streetfighterdojo.com.


    Match footage of top players + combos/tricks

    streetfighterdojo.com - video library of top players
  • MechanicaMechanica elias the flyest Joined: Posts: 6,283 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    maybe s.mk or neutral jump hk against his jump jab. Or jump straight up lp or lk?
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  • VirtuaFighterFourVirtuaFighterFour VirtuaFighter.com Joined: Posts: 1,572
    Here's a long series played between Ohnuki (Chun) and Aniken (Ken) courtesy of supersf2turbo on YouTube.

    Part two, three, [URL=" . Each part contains a few matches.

    There are so many things going on in these videos it's phenomenal. Watch how Nuki threatens Aniken with the walk forward stored SUPER so that he scores a few walk up throws, because Aniken guesses that he's going to need to guard. Nuki also uses legs to build meter in between throws of Chun's fireball. Many times Nuki jumps right at Aniken when he throws a hadoken and gets a dizzy combo. When Nuki gets a dizzy and he knows that the next combo won't finish the match he sometimes changes the combo to end in low roundhouse to score a knockdown. Really there's so much going on here.
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  • KerseyKersey Cyrax Wins Joined: Posts: 504
    That looks an awful lot like Otochun to me. Not just the color, but the general playstyle. Nuki is a lot more aggressive than that, even against shotos.
  • oldschool_BRoldschool_BR Projectile spammer Joined: Posts: 2,443
    Really great videos, VF4. The whole Chun arsenal is there. Poor Ken is fucked up with that POS hadouken of his. BTW, that is NH2's channel.

    Off topic: lots of Ken shit too. Crossups, knee bashes, cr.short x2 super, throw fakes into SRKs, and great spacing. At 1:38 from part 3 Ken tries 3 or 4 throws and gets countered by a far fierce and counter throws. Then he jumps in, attacks early and beats the counter throw with a SRK for the win. Later, at 2:03, he stands up and gives just enough space for Chun to miss cr.rh, and punished with a sweep. That's real shoto mastery.
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    s.rh will beat it out, also use s.mk and rh pre emptively when close, or charge upkicks, jump up lk etc. Everyone here should be able to do s.lp, s.lp, c.lp to super or hk lls also, very damaging punisher and really easy. Also learn to store charge after a cross up so you can do the jab combo also to super.
  • TNBTNB Bye. Joined: Posts: 1,180
    I prefer meaty cr.Forward, cr.Fierce. It dizzies like mad.

    pft. same thing nki, haha.
    nice joke there, if it was one.
    if it wasn't, oh well, lolz for me.
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    Help with how to Shut Ryu and blanka Down with Chun- [ST]

    Basically I want to stop his fireball game and and meter building, so I need some poking advice to ensure that I maintain control and so that I can scare him into not doing anything stupid. Also, I'd like to be able to bait srk without jumping or risking landing on a fireball. I guess I could set up a low poking pattern or something. For the fireballs I typically will try to get in close and pull a st. mk, which would hit him if he did it. Backing in and out with this and stand mp would work in theory and possibly bait out an srk or set up a walk up throw or hk knockdown.

    Blanka is especially hard for me. He can get in so close so quickly and his gimmicks really put a hurt on you. I can throw fireballs and whiff jabs to sort of scare a Blanka into not forward rolling, and jump lk a little to not up-roll as much, but then he starts building meter and I have to do something about that, or just wait for him to super and hope I can jump over it and knock him down. Getting him to jump and land on a fireball would seem like a viable option but I would have to make him do it first. I wanna know how to keep the pressure on this electric green ape too, so that I have control, no him.

    Also faced a really good ken today who seemed like he was doing a lot of subtle mind games to throw me off. I don't know too many with Chun, and I will need to for tournaments etc if one comes up near my area. Wake up (okizeme) stuff would be neat. So far I can st hp, do c mk c hk to knock down again, or just mess with em with fireballs suffers and try a throw. Occasionally I can do an overhead d. mp or instant n. air hk, or df hk.
    What other meaties does she have besides c mk?

    Can I get some help please?
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  • oldschool_BRoldschool_BR Projectile spammer Joined: Posts: 2,443
    Ryu wins this match 6-4, and I believe this is not really one of those "loser gotta be amazing to make it 6-4." It seems some basic Chun stuff can give Ryu a lot of trouble. Anyway, let's start from the beginning.

    Ryu will not throw SRKs if Chun does not leave the ground, as her normals are hard to hit with it. A too early or too late SRK will miss cr.forward, and other attacks often whiff. If you want to try something, it would be getting to the range SRK misses a neckbreaker, and hope he does not recognize it and does a jumping strong x3. Don't try it against good Ryus.

    Speaking of jumping in, it is important to learn how to cross him up. Then get to that range and jump with short, so if the Ryu player is holding the joystick back, he gets pinned down and is forced to block. If he tries a lat hadouken, he will get hit on the head while still grounded and eat a small combo. Avoid jumping before forcing Ryu to throw hadoukens. There are two main ways of doing it: the first one is keeping up with the projectile war so that he gets used to throwing from 3 to 5 projectiles before forcing you to block or jump. As he gets trained into throwing many of them, you can jump when it is appropriate. The other one is to get him in the corner and apply some pressure, such as meaty cr.forward, cr.foward, jab kikouken, then walk up a bit and attack again. Something like this. As soon as you give him a little air to breath, faint as you are walking up then jump. Ryu's most reliable way of avoiding Chun's pressure is to sneak a red hadouken between her pokes, so odds are he is looking for it. Or jump as soon as he recovers from blockstun if he is likely to throw a hadouken right away.

    You must learn Chun's punch into fierce kikouken or lightning legs combos, so you can jump and either stun him or get him almost stunned. That way, in most rounds you guess right a jump in, you will win. If you have not attacked him recently, you can try a combo ending with cr.roundhouse and try a throw, overhead or bait a move as he wakes up. Dizzy, peace out.

    Chun Li recovers instantly from jumps if she uses a head stomp. It can be hard to throw her if you jump forward, whiff a headstomp and throw the enemy as soon as you land on the other side. Just don't get into the habit of doing it every time: you will miss opportunities of finishing matches right away with her dizzy combos.

    When Ryu is wondering what to do or waiting a move, try just walking forward, and take note what is his default action. Just by walking forward to get in range to use your vastly superior pokes and harass him. Ryu can not compete with Chun's ground game, so he will eventually try a walk up sweep/forward or sneak some red hadouken in between your pokes. This is why Chun must not attack relentlessly, but throw get back just a bit to give him room to whiff or leave standing forwards and roundhouses so as to beat eventual hadoukens or tatsus.

    BTW, as Ryu is often waiting for a whiffed attack so as to counter-attack, and Chun is quite fast anyway, have the walk-up strong throw in mind. That does damage similar to an SPD if the enemy does not soften it. Also, after meaty attacks and blocked air moves, always consider it, depending on the enemy's style. Reversal-happy Ryus have trouble with Chun and she has pokes with descent range and a fast speed: just let him whiff a reversal SRK and throw.

    Check this also. It is in HDR thread but I had written it based on ST alone. And remember this: "If Chun can not dominate Ryu and force him to take risks, she has no business expecting to win."

    In addition to that post, know that in ST Chun can keep Ryu guessing on wake-up with her neckbreaker. From point-blank range, it switches sides and he gotta block the other direction. Some players also do not know you can block it while crouching, so they sometimes get hit low.
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    One thing I've always wondered is why is there Old Chun players in Japan? I know a couple of her hitboxes give her better AA's, but overall you lose her super which is extremely good. This is one ST mystery I've yet to figure out.
  • VirtuaFighterFourVirtuaFighterFour VirtuaFighter.com Joined: Posts: 1,572
    One thing I've always wondered is why is there Old Chun players in Japan? I know a couple of her hitboxes give her better AA's, but overall you lose her super which is extremely good. This is one ST mystery I've yet to figure out.
    Some people just like how the old character versions play. I've seen Japanese O.Fei, O.Ryu, and O.Boxer specialists and Shirts (a U.S. player) uses O.Dhalsim a lot. Pretty much all of the competitive O.Characters have a specialist playing them. It's really just personal preference for the most part. The Japanese use more regular Ken, Hawk, and Sagat compared to their O.Character versions as well even though the O.Versions are better.
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