Super Rock Box Presnets : Satsui No Hado Showdown

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Super Rock Box Presents : Satsui No Hado Showdown

Akuma Only
best 3 out of 5 matches
winner finals / grand finals best 4 out of 6 matches

this will be ran Via GGPO or Supercade (XBL or PS3 will be a last resort if no one connects)

Please learn or those who knows the akuma code please pass around

Stream :

Date : 11/16/13 (saturday at 7pm est)

Registration page will be made soon via challonge
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Cant have Honor when we dont have honor

XBL : WalkingDeadGuy9
KI : Arbiter, Jago
SFV: Zangief
Pokken: Sceptile
ST : Zangief, Ken, Ryu, N Sagat
Fightcade : MegamanX8
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