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sparring partner?

JinGotLinksJinGotLinks YoutuberJoined: Posts: 20
can someone just spar with me. im trying to get used to the whole PS3 controller feel. btw im from xbox and the controls feel more easier but i apply too much power.

PSN: Jinenken
Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jinenken
USF4: Yun (Alt: Ken)
TTT2: Bryan & Dragonov
BlazBlue: Relius (Alt: Jin, Azreal & Makoto)
GG: Bridget & Testament
GT: Heaven Scroll
PSN: Jinenken
Steam: Jinenken


  • DjakkuDjakku Joined: Posts: 4
    Sure, just add me, I'm quite new to SSF4 so do not expect to play against a very skilled player. I'm looking for a sparring partner just to get better.

    PSN ID : Djakku
  • ChoppaholicChoppaholic Sometimes Down Never Out Joined: Posts: 182
    Hit me up...PSN ID Choppaholic
  • EXKayoEXKayo Joined: Posts: 10
    Kayo_24 just got back into fighting games fairly recently looking for some solid sparring time.
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