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Strider meant for point?

nekosasunekosasu Joined: Posts: 8
So ive been running strider on point wesker-b and trish-b as anchor. If strider gets low I switch to wesker for continued assault or trish for control. What do you think of this, I've been using him long enough and think not only does he have great mix ups but instant over heads similar to wolverines j. L situtation. Weskers assist helps with unblockables especially if combines with trishs' round harvest. And her assist helps with covering his teleports. That's just how I'm playing what do you guys think? I habent even gotten into how better this is when you add all his many projectiles and satellite shotcancels.


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    Strider is a TOP 10 point in this game. He has the tools to go toe to toe with anyone in most situations. That said your team for him isn't even close to being optimal. None of those assist will help him in the long run. For strider on point you will need to a long range projectile assist and a lockdown assist. There are several characters that give him this. Some of the assist give him all of those needs in 1.

    Strange Bolts does both
    Dante give him lockdown
    Ammy gives lockdown
    Sentinal gives both (albeit it is very slow and will be hard to protect)
    RR all of his assist accept claymore give something strider needs specifically spitfire
    Vergil can give use with all his assist but he would be moreso there for damage engine purposes since striders damage is rather lackluster.
    Hawkeye triple arrow
    Magneto emd

    The best assist are probably strange magneto Dante and hawkeye.

    I hope this helps and this doesn't deserve its on thread it should be in the team building or general threads.

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