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    Red Fight District was a blast! Get ready for a blogpost with all the ins and outs!
    Last weekend was one we have been looking forward to and been working towards for quite some time. The third edition of Red Fight District, one of the European major tournaments, was held last weekend in Amsterdam and we were there to show off our game!

    We had our setup close to the entrance of the venue, right next to Team Reptile, another Dutch developer who you might know from their projectile fighting game Lethal League.


    On Saturday we ran an official RFD Shattered side tourney. 16 people signed up, and we ran a single elimination tournament. Players had about an hour to familiarize themselves with the game, which a lot of the competitors made use of.

    For the participants of the tournament, as well as for generally interested people, we printed some info leaflets with a short explanation of the game system and Julia’ s moveset. For anyone that is interested in the contents of this leaflet, we’ve uploaded the PDFs: Inner pages and outer pages.

    In the evening Armshouse streamed the semi-finals and Grand Finals with commentary from WrathTheFurious and our own Phoenix.

    The semi-finals were Fulaani vs. LLL.Emersion and LLL.MBR vs RSD.RobinRamirez. Sadly the semi-finals between LLL.MBR and RSD.RobinRamirez were lost due to technical issues.

    The finals were between Fulaani and LLL.MBR and can be seen in full below.

    We want to congratulate LLL.MBR for winning the first tournament, he received one of the Shattered T-shirts that we had made!


    Sunday day was dedicated solely to free play. Many people got to play the game, and many were very enthusiastic. Some people gave very useful concrete advice, while others gave us many ideas to tweak Julia indirectly. We’ve already been hard at work to tweak some hitboxes and properties of her moveset.

    On Sunday, RFD was also visted by the guys at a Dutch game website. They made a really nice two-part report on Red Fight District. In the second part Phoenix was interviewed to talk about the game, which can be seen below. Sadly, for the international community, the interview is in dutch and the youtube translation is horrible beyond comprehension (but pretty hilarious), but for all you Dutchies, go check it out!

    (skip to 4:38)

    The Preview, photos and Part 1 of the report by Pixelcake.

    We would like to thank RCR and the rest of the Red Fight District crew, for having us at there, we had a fantastic time. WrathTheFurious for helping out with the commentating of the finals and James Bardolph for streaming them. Correzio, Traumatisch and Bounze for transport. Finally, we would like to thank Dr.Grammar, Fulaani and RSD.RobinRamirez for the many hours of play they have put into the game, giving suggestions and ideas.

    We also finally updated the front page post a bit.
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    Just saw some of the footage. It looks great already guys!
    It's nice to meet you, too.
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    Seriously loving the look and feel of this game. I popped in at the blog and saw some of the other characters slated. Imma try and do some fan art. :#
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    Awesome! We'd love to get fan art!
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    Monpochi wrote: »
    Seriously loving the look and feel of this game. I popped in at the blog and saw some of the other characters slated. Imma try and do some fan art. :#

    Oh man thats really great!

    I hope you won't be too let down if characters change quite drastically after you fan-arted them, only Julia is really finished in her looks.
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    That manual looks sick! I love full color manuals.
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    This time a somewhat more indepth blogpost written by Phoenix!
    Post-RFD Gameplay changes

    RFD was a great chance to get a lot of playtesting in. Watching the players play the game exposed several bugs and gameplay issues that we have fixed in the past weeks. We’d like to walk you through some of the changes we’ve made.

    An issue that multiple testers had been commenting on for some time now, is that the position that Julia’s projectile spawned made it very difficult to jump over the projectile and punish. We have designed for Julia to be a character that can set up fireball traps, and when anticipating a jump-in, could use her anti-air normals and special to punch the opponent out of the air.

    But the projectile spawned so high, and so close to Julia’s body, that in some positions, it was possible to throw a projectile, and anti-air the opponent with the next projectile if they tried to jump over.

    We’ve moved the place where the arrow appears more to the front which should solve this issue. Moreover, it has some side effects we’re very happy with. Julia can now cr.HK into her projectile from much further away, make it a much better string to poke with.

    For example, cr.HK xx qcf+HP now combos after two blocked light attacks.

    The super suffered from the same problem as Julia’s projectile. It was a bit too easy to anti-air with, moreover, it spawned so close to Julia’s body that it was quite difficult to combo off it. By moving it forward significantly, it is now a lot easier to use st.LK to beat out a low attack and cancel into super and have it actually combo.

    Also simply confirming into super off cr.LK xx cr.LK xx st.LK, is now a lot less range dependant.

    With Julia’s normal projectiles, the qcf+LP gives a slow projectile and qcf+HP gives a fast projectile. Before, Julia’s super would only travel with one speed (the speed of the light projectile). We’ve now added to option to choose between the two speeds. We’re still playing around with the variables, but we like how the fast version allows for some long range reaction punishes.

    Some of you who have watched the RFD grand finals may have noticed that sometimes an airborne opponent would drop out of the super fireball after one hit. We’ve tweaked this, so that this should no longer happen now.

    Finally, Julia’s flying kick attacks always whiff on crouchers, but it is her most damaging special. We wanted it to be a bit easier to convert into maximum damage off a full jump-in combo, and for that we’ve made it so that Julia’s crouching hard punch now forces stand on crouching opponents, so that cr.HP into qcb+HK always hits.

    As some of you may have heard, YouTube has finally added 60fps support. We’re really excited about because Shattered, and fighting games in general, look much better at 60fps. Right now it is only possible to watch 60fps videos in the Chrome web browser, but it will likely be available for other browsers soon too. From this post onwards, we’ll try to to upload 60fps footage whenever we can!

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    Hmm, looks pretty interesting. :)
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    Time for a new blog update with some info about our upcoming character Ushah!
    Now that Julia is mostly finished, we’ve started development on Ushah. We had already decided on most of his moveset set, had created some artwork and had written down a rudimentary background story, but now we have truly commenced to give him form both visually and gameplay-wise.

    In terms of appearance the biggest obstacle we have to tackle is the mechanical arm. We have to figure out the shape of the arm, the position of the moving parts and how to convert it into a proper scale for the sprites. Here is a small part of the recent concept art.


    One of the earlier development sketches of Ushah’s arm that Bob Sagat has created.

    The design of the mechanical arm has gone through some revisions and developments. This more solid armor-like version of the arm, is the direction we are moving towards at the moment. The ‘wrist’ portion widens outwards like a cannon muzzle. The steam gun in Ushah’s arm can release its steam shot around the hand this way.

    A study of the new arm design in motion. It looks solid from different angles.

    We’ve started to make a mock-up version of Ushah. Right now it is just his standing and crouching moves, with the framedata implemented as originally designed. This way we are able to quickly see what feels off, what should be adjusted and how. We’ve made a compilation of some of his moves and move properties in the video below.

    The first clip shows: cr.LK xx cr.LP xx st.LK, Julia tries to retaliate with st.HP, but Ushah presses his st.HP, and the armor on hit st.HP blocks Julia’s attack and hits her.

    The next clip shows: cr.LP, cr.HP, a basic link combo, followed by cr.LK, cr.HK, showing that Ushah's cr.HK knocks down on hit.

    We are exploring some unique super mechanics for Ushah. As a grappler, Ushah tries to limit his opponent’s movement to get in and grab them. His super lays down screens of steam with his mechanical arm/steam gun. This steam will impede the movement speed of the opponent, making it easier for Ushah to get in close and really hurt his opponent.

    We’d like to put a call out for any concept artists that would be interested in helping along with Shattered. Some of the characters are already fairly fleshed out, other characters still have a long way to go.
    Many fighting games have rather typical anime-look. We really want to distinguish the look and feel of Shattered by giving it more of along the lines of American and European comic book style, rather than the Japanese look so many fighting games have.
    Do you think your artwork would fit the style we’re aiming for and are you looking for a chance to help along with the development of the game, please contact us at djono [at]
    The development of Shattered is currently purely a labour of love, and all development is done in our free time, extra help would be really appreciated.
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    For whoever is interested, we now also have a Tumblr!
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    We're back!
    We’ve been silent for a while with the holidays coming along. Now we’ve entered 2015, and we’d like to celebrate that with a brand new update!

    Bob Sagat has been hard at work drawing new animations for Julia. No longer does Julia stand statically during her idle animation, she now lives and breathes!

    Besides that Julia now has a fully animated super fireball animation. Also her regular projectile has been redrawn.

    Finally Julia now has a set of crouching hitstun animations. She needs only one more crouching animation and then all of those are finished.

    Below is a video (@60fps in Chrome!) with all the brand new animations!
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    Absolutely fantastic work gentlemen! Very promising.

    I like the focus on offense and the big rewards for baiting. The pacing, too. It seems like many fighting games have these crazy combo systems to differentiate themselves from the classics, but really, this type of game is where it’s at if you ask me.

    I like the characters; Ushah and Julia are both great designs. Also, very pleased with the Western-style artwork. Reminds me of Thorgal. Definitely a style we need to see more of, and a great way to show this is a European game.

    If I can give you some advice, try and make at least one character really crazy and stand out. A solid game is what matters of course, but we’ve got ST and KOF already for that, so you need something to stand out to get people talking about it. Like how Akatsuki BlitzKampf threw in Nazi’s, you know, so people could be all like; ‘Hey guys check out this Nazi game I got, you can play as a tank lol!’ None of that matters at all in the end of course, but it might get you noticed in a way that simply being solid wouldn’t.
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    That is very kind of you.

    About the crazy character, I don't think we are going to get as crazy as a tank, but we have some more 'out there' designs coming up. I hope you will find them satisfying!
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    Any doll, stand, stance or counter characters planned?
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    Any doll

    Not like Carl, but we have one that has gimmicky projectiles that kinda fit that description.

    Not sure what you mean. *calls Phoenix for help*

    We plan to have a character that goes into an entire different mode for the rest of the round with one of its supers.

    Right now we have a grappler with a counter grab in the pipeline.
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    COAL wrote: »
    Not sure what you mean. *calls Phoenix for help*

    Like Persona 4 Arena
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    We've been playing a little bit with the idea of doing something slightly similar to person, where some of the attacks of a character are done by some summoned entity. But this is likely to be more of a visual than an actual mechanical feature.

    Part of our design principles is that we're allowed to go crazy with all kinds of mechanics, but that they need to be grounded in the three basic resources we have available for all characters (Health, Shatter bar, Super). We won't be having separate characters with separate bars/other HUD items etc. Of course there are ways to do stands with the limited resources. Perhaps hitting the 'stand' character won't do any damage to your health, but will greatly deplete your shatter bar (or something), that would come pretty close to simulating the Stand systems in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (the Capcom one) and P4A.

    As of yet we have no concrete plans to actually do implement a stand system like that though (but of course, all subject to change).
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    I like how you don't refer to this game or yourselves as indie. Any specific reason for this?
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    We didn't do that with any reason, it just happened. That said, I don't care about the label, even if its true, we just want to make a damn fine fighting game.
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    I'm loving the progress.
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    any new updates
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    Heh, I was just browsing this thread. Nah, not really. Some internal stuff but our animator is on vacation in Japan and most of us are really busy with school/work, so nothing we can show really.
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    COAL wrote: »
    Heh, I was just browsing this thread. Nah, not really. Some internal stuff but our animator is on vacation in Japan and most of us are really busy with school/work, so nothing we can show really.

    Gottcha yea it's hard trying to keep a team together to work on these projects. but hopefully things pick back up. Would love to see this finished.

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    Oh don't worry, we have every intention to do so.
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    ascensionX wrote: »
    any new updates
    We posted up some new animations on YouTube and twitter some time ago, might as well post them here too:

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    Nice to see work continues from another indie
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    Long time no see!
    It has been a while since we have last updated. This is not because we have stopped development. On the contrary, we’ve been hard at work. However, much of the development we’ve been doing has been on a deeper technical level.

    For example, we have been hard at work on a new version of the engine, which will support many new features and will run significantly better. Besides that we have been hard at work on the mock-up sprites and hitboxes for our next character, Usah.

    This however, does not mean we have nothing to show you! Bob Sagat has been hard at work with the animations of Julia, and we are happy to say that she is almost done.

    Some time ago we already shared some new animations on Twitter, namely Julia’s throw whiff animation and crumple animation. Since then two new animations have been implemented, we have a new throw tech animation and the final crouching hitstun animation (for heavy attacks).

    Bob Sagat is currently hard at work drawing up the sprites for Julia’s final, and most elaborate animation, her Shatter super, whose mockup sprites we already showcased some time ago.

    Once that is done we will start on the sprites for Ushah. We’re very excited to start development on a very different kind of character, and will provide updates on his development soon.

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    Looking good, nice progress.
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    Awesome! When you've got all the new stuff implemented, would you be able to put out a Julia vs Julia first-to-five or first-to-ten video? Or is it too early for that?
    It's nice to meet you, too.
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    Its doable, we have done it before, we might do something like that at Red Fight District 2015 (Dutch major that were probably attending), at least we need to get some players who are better at our game than we are (those already exist)
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    So we will be attending Red Fight District 2015 for sure with a setup. So ample opportunity for some good match vids.
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    We didn't get to do that because we forgot to install recording software on the laptop we lend from a friend. I'm so sorry.

    I did however shoot two short vids of our extremely mockup version of Ushah, he is is still missing some moves and even without those he already needs some rebalancing, but it was nice to finally see him in action, we learned loads. And oh, hes right now pretty much The Indomitable Hitbox Man/Jack in the Hitbox. Shaky cam warning.

    And a quick atmosphere video.

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    PLEASE make a final character that is only hitboxes like that. I love it.
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    It could be a fun party mode. Disable sprites, enable hitboxes, fighting boxmen.
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    Heh, we heard that so often on that day. "please don't give this guy sprited animations, he looks awesome as he is" but hes going to look way more awesome when hes done. Not an entirely bad idea for a joke character or something.
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    Blog update, you already saw the vids.

    The weekend of 3-4 October saw the fourth edition of Red Fight District, and we were there with a build of the game.

    RFD was the first public showing of a build of the game with all of Julia’s animations done, and we were happy to see so many players loving the animations of Julia in her finished form.

    In the weeks before RFD we have always been hard at work putting together a playable mock-up of Ushah. We got the chance to finally test out some of the concepts and ideas we have of his move set, and it was the first time a version of Ushah saw competitive play.

    Ushah’s play style actually took us somewhat by surprise. While we were planning for him to be a slow strong grappler, he is a lot more mobile than we expected and has fantastic, scary pressure. We really enjoyed the way he plays, and feel that this emergent play style is the direction we want to take him.

    Because the mismatch of envisioned and actual play style, his damage output is very high, and this will need some adjusting to make him less dominant. We’re very happy with the way he plays, and we received great feedback that we will incorporate as we continue working on him.

    We continue to be hard at work with Ushah, and will be fleshing out his gameplay and design more and more, and hope to show you guys more in the near future.

    While we did not run into game-breaking bugs, we did run into some technical problems with our controller configuration. This meant that some people were unable to use their own controller really wanted to try the game out were unable to do so. We’ve made note of this, and have already come up with some solutions to this issue.
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    This has been coming for a while, but the time has finally come to ‘announce’ our second character. We have previously given some sneak peaks of his concept artwork and we also showed spriteless gameplay, but we’re proud to present his finished base sprite!

    Here is our new guy, Ushah Airad:


    Ushah is a fast-paced grappling character that employs his steam cannon to shoot short range projectiles. He also uses his metal arm to hit his opponent with powerful armored normal attacks. Ushah can be used as a fast and aggressive grappler, but also as a methodical wall of normals, keeping the opponent just where he wants them (in the corner!).

    We’re currently planning out the visuals of his moves. Here’s a concept drawing of Ushah using his command grab on our first character. POOR JULIA!

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    Grapplers with projectiles/long range moves are awesome. good luck guys.

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    So nice to get some press.

    Not a big outlet at all, but still fun and humbling!
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    So, it has been a while, development isn't exactly going fast, we all have very busy lives. That said, development is not at a complete standstill, we have some alpha animations for our second character, Ushah, and just moved on to the third.

    Ushah is missing out on one of his supers (we're waiting for the new engine to be finished before implementing, will be loads easier that way), but is very much playable otherwise.

    So here is an Ushah move/combo exhibition:
    st.HP (hyperarmor)
    st.HP (hyperarmor vs projectile)
    cr.LK (low hitting)
    cr.HP (launcher)
    cr.HK (low hitting, hard knockdown)
    j.LP (knockback + air-to-air knockback)
    j.LK (jump in + crossup)
    j.HP (hard knockdown)
    Shatter Attack (hyperarmor, hard knockdown)
    Throw (knockdown)
    qcf+LP/HP (projectile)
    hcb+LK/HK (hard knockdown)
    2 bar super - 2xhcb+P (hard knockdown)
    shatter super - 2xqcf+K (hard knockdown)
    cr.LK, cr.LK, st.LP, st.LK
    cr.LP, cr.HP xx qcf+LP
    st.LK, cr.HP xxjump, j.HP (st.LP, hcb+LK)
    j.LK, cr.HP xxjump, j.HK (st.LP, hcb+LK)
    cr.LP, cr.HP xxjump, j.HK (corner only -> ambigious crossunder reset, st.LP, st.LP, st.LK)
    (corner only) throw, cr.HP xxjump, j.HP

    Bonus: older Julia combo exhibition that we didn't post before:
    crossup j.LK cr.LK xx cr.LP xx dp+LP
    cr.HK xx qcf+P
    cr.HK xx qcb+HK
    cr.LK xx cr.LP xx st.LK
    Shatter Attack, Shatter Super
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    Ushah is looking great!

    What's behind the change to a new engine?
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    Our mockup engine is actually build in a point and click engine (AGS), while it worked for a while, its far too much of a hassle to implement everything.

    Other than that I'm not too much into the specifics. Our programmer is studying computer sciences and pretty adamant on building his own engine.
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    Cool to see that the project is still alive. Doing this kind of thing on your free time takes lots of time to make, I hope that later when you have things fleshed out a bit more you do a Kickstarter, it looks very interesting.
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    So, err, I guess Blizzard is a fan of Ushah?

  • CronopioCronopio ST Joined: Posts: 2,104

    Credit to Gatoray.
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