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Best Guile and E Honda Xbox Live player

Very curious to know what all of you xbox live players think is the best E Honda and Guile player you have ever faced online. Those are my two favorite characters and would like to know if you guys feel the same way I do about who is or has been the best.


  • coNcoN Joined: Posts: 876 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    None on HDR, either version. ST on the other hand...
  • TheRealO.GKenTheRealO.GKen Joined: Posts: 248
    You and Cipher2000 have the best Guiles on HDR. It's very interesting to see two strong guile players play Guile slightly differently. You're stronger defensively and Cipher is more offensively engaging.

    RenoMD STILL has the best Honda in my book although he doesn't play on hdr often.

    Hyper Fighting > ST

    Hyper Fighting - Master Level Ken
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