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  • adamamosadamamos Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey, my gamertag is S0NARIS (with a zero). Have been playing since December and had it with all the ragequitter. Send me a message anytime for a match. Main with Orchid but often play as Sadira and Fulgore
  • code7747code7747 Joined: Posts: 21
    V1510N 0F H3LL , just let me know your from srk, i just got the console so i need all the sparring i can get
    XBLA --> V1510N 0F H3LL
  • popafella010popafella010 Joined: Posts: 13
    adamamos wrote: »
    Hey, my gamertag is S0NARIS (with a zero). Have been playing since December and had it with all the ragequitter. Send me a message anytime for a match. Main with Orchid but often play as Sadira and Fulgore

    I need Sadira practice!! Add me so we can get some matchs in
    PSN: Popafella010
  • Edrick296Edrick296 Figthting games enthusiast. Since 1989. Joined: Posts: 2
    gamer tag


    level 20 Glacius.

    Waiting for Tj combo.
  • ShadowBagelShadowBagel Joined: Posts: 2
    My GT is RectalPayload

    I just hit 17 last night. I main Sadira, but occasionally play Glacius and want to learn Fulgore.

    I would especially like to play with a Thunder that doesn't mind exchanging tech, but I will play with anybody.

    I'm actually new to the FGC. I just started gaining interest in FGs back in March, and decided to buy my X1 for KI at the end of May, so I still lack a lot of knowledge.

    I like to think I play a decent Sadira though :)
  • PelvisTheGreatPelvisTheGreat Joined: Posts: 3
    GT: PelvisTheGreat/ TJ Combo, Spinal, Jago
    XBL: PelvisTheGreat
  • B_RaBBiiTTB_RaBBiiTT Xrd: Zato SF5: Laura Twitter @Official_JRD PSN aBoB_Ryn Joined: Posts: 325
    edited November 2014
    GT OG Swiizy Main Character : Sadira i'm looking to play anybody regardless of skill hoping somebody better then me i'd say i'm about average within this game i love it more then sf4 and would like to represent my skills in ki at tournaments i'm hoping playing with people online would help me out
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  • SudaFightsSudaFights Joined: Posts: 4
    SudaFights I play TJ Combo
  • SoVi3tSoVi3t Behind The Iron Curtain Joined: Posts: 29,170
    edited December 2014

    I play Glacius, Spinal, Fulgore, Sadira, and been playing Kan-Ra pretty hard since he came out.

    wouldn't mind playing TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, or B Orchid players, so they can help me learn how to counter breaker those fuckers :P
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  • SudaFightsSudaFights Joined: Posts: 4
    SoVi3t wrote: »

    I play Glacius, Spinal, Fulgore, Sadira, and been playing Kan-Ra pretty hard since he came out.

    wouldn't mind playing TJ Combo, Chief Thunder, or B Orchid players, so they can help me learn how to counter breaker those fuckers :P

    I'm a TJ player if you need help learning

    GT - SudaFights
  • -VIRUS--VIRUS- Shadow Jago all day Joined: Posts: 169
    GT: Virus916
  • OoDarkBlightoOOoDarkBlightoO Joined: Posts: 12
    OodarkblightoO looking for serious competition, please no tea baggers, raggers, or taunters.
  • g0th1cycleg0th1cycle Joined: Posts: 2
    g0th1cycle Sadira main
    Jago Thunder Omen Orchid
  • StylishDanteStylishDante Joined: Posts: 1
    stylishdante777... jago/thunder/spinal
  • SwoltacularSwoltacular Joined: Posts: 16
    GT: Swoltacular
    Previous SF4 player looking to play KI a lot now, only have invested 15ish hours in and haven't decided my main yet. Considering Kan Ra, Aganos or Omen. I'm a beginner and am looking for people of equal skill level and those of higher skill level who don't mind helping with tips and practice, especially if you're experienced with one of the characters I like.
  • BugattiBisonBugattiBison Joined: Posts: 7
    Just picked the game up recently. Been in the dojo and the story mode mainly. Trying to get the combo system down. Learning Jago at the moment but will probably attempt to learn Hisako when she's available

    GT: RickyOrtizPurse
  • EijikenEijiken Joined: Posts: 38
    GT: Eijiken

    Aganos, Sadira, Omen, pocket Kan-Ra player.

    Ordered from best to meh (Sadira is my best when I'm using pad)
  • ChubrockChubrock Joined: Posts: 12
    I got the game three weeks ago and working on TJ Combo. My username is LkChubrock
  • Heavygee84Heavygee84 throw some hands on that b1tch! ( @ MAKOTO) Joined: Posts: 252
    Hey there. Heavygee (knigrowedamus)
    Add me for some games. I play the wolf
    i play to many fighting games.....
  • FattyWinnarzFattyWinnarz Joined: Posts: 328
    GT: Fatty Winnarz
    I live in CT so east coast, preferably New England/New York would be best, but I'll play whoever. I'm trying to main Thunder currently.
  • RomeRome Joined: Posts: 8
    GT: RndmDP Rome , Europe - Orchid, Hisako, Glacius, ... maybe Cinder soon
  • MORDECA1MORDECA1 Joined: Posts: 25

  • TacticalLampTacticalLamp Joined: Posts: 58

    I play TJ and Cinder as well as a shitty Orchid and and even shittier Jago.
  • VaderFettVaderFett Another DLC is coming your way! #PayUp Joined: Posts: 44
    If anybody wants to add me for some KI action here's my XBL Tag: Vader Fett 1
    Just lemme know you're from the SRK forums when you add me.
    PSN: Vader-Fett XBL: Vader Fett 1 FightCade: VaderFett

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  • eastyyeastyy Joined: Posts: 6
    My tag is eastyy ...over in ireland here so not sure how good the net code is over a distance
  • The MartianThe Martian Tatsu Spam Supreme™ Joined: Posts: 12,148
    Is OP even active anymore? Nigga still hasn't added my tag to the list on the first page.
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  • jinxhandjinxhand That Battle Fantasia Guy!!! Joined: Posts: 91
    GT: JINXHAND. I'm in San Diego. Kan-Ra main, but I dabble with Omen and Glacius.
    "That Battle Fantasia Guy"
    Aulbath player in Cali
    @jinxhand on twitter!!!
    Go Ravens!!!
  • Chief RekkaChief Rekka "Don't Think; Feel" Joined: Posts: 330
    Chief Rekka. Thunder main, not very good, but looking to get better. NYC.
    "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once. I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times"-Bruce Lee

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  • jrronimojrronimo Joined: Posts: 106
    edited March 2016
    jrrronimo on XBL (3 r's, not 2 like everywhere else. Long story.) I'm in Longmont, Colorado, USA.

    I main Orchid (at least until Kim Wu comes out), with the occasional Jago. One day I'll learn a different character! One day...

    I played more KI2 than is likely healthy, and bought my XBO for Killer Instinct specifically. :D It's different, but in a good way. Hope to play some of you!
  • Missing PersonMissing Person Righto. Joined: Posts: 13,769
    WatCnBrwnDo4U - Orchid
    XBL: WatCnBrwnDo4U | PSN: LanierIsPlusEV/FORpowerfulGame | CFN: MissingPerson/YddeDdeDe GGPO/FightCade: Missing Person | Steam: [TAS] Missing Person | MissingPersn#1365
    Twitter: JTMMissingPersn | Instagram: jtmmissingperson | Twitch:
  • stv101stv101 Joined: Posts: 3
    Gamertag: DecoyBull
  • Yuri_AcTNYuri_AcTN All the best things are collectives. Joined: Posts: 1,130
    - Xbox One GT: Eirokaj

    - Location: United States

    - Main: Sadira

    Looking for fellow KI players to play with. Please, please save me from having to fight randoms. Lol!
  • MikeThalbainMikeThalbain Joined: Posts: 2
    If anyone's interested and in the NYC area I'm starting a Facebook group to Meetup for some local KI sparring. More info coming soon!
    XBL: Mike Thalbain | Steam: merklevix3691 | MikeThalbain#1475 | Twitch:
    "Have you confessed your sins?" -Mira
  • PolkStyle77PolkStyle77 Joined: Posts: 10
    Hello all. Just started playing a few weeks ago. My main is Rash but I and trying to learn Maya and Sadira.

    Please feel free to add me my gamertag is Usedtobezylem. Please message me that you are from these forums. Since Xbox does not send out notices to the person being added. I am always interested in meeting new people and trying to help each other out.
  • RpgRpg Joined: Posts: 61
    Does anyone from here play?
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