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game freeze problam on ps3

samirerresamirerre Joined: Posts: 173
hi to all i just bought injustice for the ps3 and i have a slight problam.
the game freezes on the title screen and i cant get the game to load
any tips?


  • HecatomHecatom Aka Black Gorilla (・Д・)ノ Joined: Posts: 24,345
    PSN download or Disc?
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  • samirerresamirerre Joined: Posts: 173
  • nothingnothing Keep calm, and stay dashing Joined: Posts: 1,700
    Check the disc for scratches and defects. Try the game in a different PS3. If it works, you probably have some sort of issue your PS3's optical drive.
  • samirerresamirerre Joined: Posts: 173
    i just deleated the game save data so now it works but connecting to lobbies takes forever
    and sometimes i get an error massage telling me the servers are down.any tips?
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