Why no cross platform play?

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Releasing fighting games on multiple different platforms often makes finding a game nearly impossible. Blaz blue chronophantasm solves this by being arcade only or ps3, but my question is why isn't there more cross platform play? Guild wars 2 PC and Mac can play together as can final fantasy a realm reborn has cross platform PC to ps3/ps4 play and dragon's crown now has cross platform play from vita version to ps3 version. So why can't a ps3 skull girls player play against a PC player etc.? Is it due to some legal problems or technical issues? We're seeing cross platform a lot more and in fighting games I think cross platform would help a lot in terms of matches. Any ideas why it's so rare in this genre?


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    Well I don't know if there's reasons beyond this, but right now it wouldn't make sense because the PC version is much different then the console versions. The PC version is also updated like tri-weekly, while its taken them like 4 months (or whatever its been) just to get a patch with squiggly onto consoles and I don't believe she is at the time of this posting. Would be cool if they linked everything up once everyone's on the same page though.
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    Cross Play with XBox requires Games For Windows Live, which is a pile of crap that nobody wants to deal with. Even Microsoft is getting rid of it in the near future.

    Cross play with PS3 was never really approved. Steam Crossplay to PS3 for Portal 2 was an experiment, one that Sony has decided not to follow though on. Portal 2 is the only game allowed to use Steam Crossplay with PS3.
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    Vita cross play might be nice. Did not know the problem was the console lords don't allow it.
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    Windows live is dead, so it would have to be PS3-PC crossplatform play.

    And speaking of splitting the community, right now the PC community is suffering because of the beta. If you look at steam charts, about half the community is in the beta playing the new characters. It's a ghost town online. MikeZ knows how to make a fighting game, but he just understand or care how something like that hurts the community.
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    Reviving this...
    Well, now Guilty Gear Xrd have crossplay between ps3 and ps4 versions. And SF5 was announced as having ps4 - pc crossplay. Did something changed in Sony policies?
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    caiooa wrote: »
    Reviving this...
    Well, now Guilty Gear Xrd have crossplay between ps3 and ps4 versions. And SF5 was announced as having ps4 - pc crossplay. Did something changed in Sony policies?
    Probably. Since PS4-PS3 Crossplay and PS4-PC crossplay both involve PS4, I'd say it's something new. Which may or may not mean PS4 Skullgirls can crossplay with PC.

    Anyway, if you really want to have Skullgirls discussions, you're much better off going to Skullheart. You will probably even get Developer comments if you made a new thread about this, because "Can PS4 Skullgirls have crossplay with PC" seems like a good question. PS3-PS4 crossplay is probably out of the question, though, because PS4 will have features that don't exist in PS3 Skullgirls.
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