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Leaderboard WTF?

TheMrTuttleTheMrTuttle Joined: Posts: 139
edited January 2014 in HD Remix
So I sat down to play a couple of games; hadn't played since the weekly reset. The "sitting and waiting for someone to join a lobby" placard under my name says I'm 4-1. No one's coming into a lobby, so I pop on the leaderboard to see if any of my friends have been playing this week, and that score says I'm 2-3? I know the leaderboard doesn't really mean anything, but wtf?


  • milesokeefemilesokeefe Spammy Joined: Posts: 387
    edited January 2014
    is a mystery. I think that rqs and desyncs can cause xbl to count losses as wins and vice versa
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