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  • goflotsamgoflotsam Kappa God Joined: Posts: 17
    Current Critical Reaction Team http://criticalreaction.org/team

    - cR|SonicFox (USA)
    - cR|Dekillsage (USA)
    - cR|HoneyBee (Canada)
    - cR|Wound Cowboy (USA)
    - cR|Biohazard (Canada)
    - cR|Whiteboi (USA)
    - cR|Dragon (USA)
    - cR|Footwurk (USA)
    - cR|Gunshow (Canada)
    - cR|Xarakamaka (UK)
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    Couldn't find a SF5 thread so sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    Wizard World Gaming:
    1. Justin Wong (Karin)
    2. Ricki Ortiz (Chun)
    3. LPN (Birdie, Bison)
    4. Julio (Ken)
    5. Gootecks (Mika)
    5. Almakashi/Nacer (Ryu)
    7. Graham Wolfe (Vega)
    7. Crackfiend (Chun)

    NYC Invitational:
    1. Alucard (Necalli)
    2. Moons (Bison)
    3. Marvisto (Ryu)
    4. Smug (Karin)
    5. Noel Brown (Vega)
    5. K Brad (Karin)
    7. Dafeetlee (Laura)
    7. Flux (Cammy)

    Since american weeklies are being added
    Bracket Reset 1: (all UK)
    1. Ryan Hart (Ken)
    2. Packz (Karin)
    3. Joker Jokez (Necalli)
    4. Deku Deku Tree (Necalli)
    5. Isam (Karin)
    5. Problem X (Bison)
    7. Afii (Laura)
    7. Cainmasterz (Ken)

    Hopefully there's more Asian and EU tournaments soon to balance out the rankings.
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    Results from our SfV invitional
    Street Fighter Invitional in Syracuse NY

    1. Rizzoto Ball (chun)
    2. Glory (Birdie)
    3. Quanch ( Chun)
    4. DeAnthrax ( Bison)
    5. ZTS ( Nash)
    5. Cosme (Mika)
    7. TFA| Damus ( Dhalsim)
    7. SB Wolf ( Laura)
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    Hi, is this still the right place to discuss about the SFV srk ranking?
  • AckuAcku Representing Rose Joined: Posts: 857
    Sure :)
  • ZouZou Joined: Posts: 2

    I've just found this ranking and was surprise to be part of it :)

    So about this tournament http://rank.shoryuken.com/rankings/tournament/byname/Player eSport Bar - SF5

    It was held in Belgium (Liège)

    The players Almeh, Johnny and Queute are Belgian

    About the player NightCross his Twitter is @Nightcross_tv and his twitch channel is nightcross_tv

  • lamhazaartlamhazaart Joined: Posts: 91
    Could you possibly update the system so that under "main game", it lists something like the most played game in the last 5 tournaments or something? So for example, taking Infiltration, it would show SFV because his last five tournaments were mostly (in fact all) SFV tournaments.

    The problem is, again taking Infil as an example, it took him 28 tournaments in USFIV for his page to show USFIV as his "main game". It showed that only for the last two tournaments he ever went to. Now, it's going to take 29 tournaments for his profile to show SFV as his main game, despite the fact that he clearly mains SFV and doesn't play USFIV any more.
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