Any Tekken Tag 2 players in San Francisco?

ToryWilliamsToryWilliams Actor/Martial Artist/Writer/GamerJoined: Posts: 6
I live in San Fran and its hard to get opponents online. Any players in San Fran or anybody who still plays the game?


  • ArtVandelayArtVandelay Architect Joined: Posts: 5,725
    Try since this subforum is pretty much dead (not much on TZ either, but a lot more than here).
    Add me for some Tekken 7 if you're from Europe.
    I'm not playing anything else these days:
  • DEATH™DEATH™ Submit, or else... Joined: Posts: 54
    Darn, you are close to Bronson Tran, Jimmy Tran (Mr Naps) and the hub of Norcal Tekken...

    You can go to Norcal Tekken FB page. Also, they do a now-weekly meetup at Milpitas GolfLand. Train with them since StrongStyle is coming!
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