Daigo grip and hop execution

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So I've been playing around w/ the demo (wanting to get into the game) and trying to execute the various jumps and hops. I hold my arcade stick using the Daigo method and I've been having a hard time executing both hops. I understand the Daigo method is apparently meant for Street Fighter, but I wanted to ask the more experienced KOF players if this method is fine and with practice I'll become better at hops, or if I should try another grip entirely. Thanks for any replies!!!


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    it can work as practice but it's still preferable to do the right timing for hops
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    Rugal 3:16 wrote: »
    it can work as practice but it's still preferable to do the right timing for hops

    I don't think I understand what you're trying to say... if you practice, won't you ideally be getting the right timing for hops?
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    i've started out like you PoombyBear and ran into the same problem.
    later i've changed my grip so that i'd basically hold the stick with my thumb, index finger and middle finger.
    this way if you'd like to hop you can kind of flick the joystick in the diagonal directions and release the stick so it can go back to neutral position with help of the spring tension.

    i'm not able to get consistent hops if i'm trying to keep contact with the stick full time and try to go manualy back into neutral position, it usually ends in a normal jump if i try it this way.
    maybe its not even too important how you hold the stick as long as it allows you to comforably flick the stick in the diagonals so the spring can make it go back to neutral, this way the contact is short enough that KOF registers a hop.

    just let the spring do the work :)
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    As I was experimenting with hops I found holding it w/ three fingers to be useful as well. Since I play SF though, I'm not sure if I want to be switching between two different grips, that's a bit too much work than I'd prefer to put in. I'll keep the possibility in mind though, I really appreciate your reply :).
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