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Tekken X Street Fighter Wishlists & Discussion

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What kind of stuff are you hoping to see in the game? (Ya know, if it ever comes out) looking for characters, stages, dream-mathes, Boss fights, tag or no-tag, transformations, and anything else that comes to mind

I'm bad at intros so here's mine :D
Tekken- Tekkens pretty consistant with their cast, we know who's dead (not Heihachi-dead.. Dead dead.) and who's not,that said I'm gonna pretty much have to go with the T6 cast minus Eddy (I just h8 Eddy.), Fat Bob (Post-Jenny Crieg FTW), Mokujin, Anna, Beak, and Wang (love ya but u old), and KEEP DR. BosCANTREALLYFIGHTANDSHOULDBEDESTROYEDBYEVERYBODYnovitch out!
+Devil Kazuya :)

Street Fighter (tougher part)-
Ryu, E.Ryu, Akuma, Shin Akuma, Gen, Chun-ThunderThighs-Li, Yun, Ken, (Bob) Sagat, M. Bison, Dudly, Blanka, Cammy, Zangief, Fei Long, that short luchador dude, Juri, Sakura, Goken, Guile, Ibuki, Guy, Oily Dude, Rufus (reluctantly typed), Vega
Forgetting a lot but we NEED Alex, he's supposed to be a main character and nobody shows him any love :'c
Captain Commando (mascot unlockable)

Transformables- Jin x D. Jin, Ryu x E. Ryu, Kazuya x D. Kazuya, Akuma x Shin Akuma (usuals)

(Unplayable) BOSSSSSSES AND BONUS CHARACTERSSS- Oni, Heihachi (satsu no hadou rage), Ogre, Gotetsu, Nightmare from Soul Calibur (Hidden. 2 perfects, 3 first hits, and 2 super Finishes. Mid-difficulty+), and Pyron from (No round loss + 3 Super finishes) and I was thinking a Mech Zangief/Jack might be cool

Story: Anything but pandora.

Gameplay/modes: Tag/Solo selectable, fire balls quick and do kick-like damage, Special fight mode (unlockable/bosses selectable), TKxSF Puzzle fight mini-game, X-BOWLING, get rid of gems forever. Any thoughts on meters?

...don't know how to end these things either.. Go nuts lol

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SFV: M. Bison/Alex/Necalli
SF4: Akuma/M. Bison/Fei Long
3S: Oro/Akuma/Alex


  • Monkey66Monkey66 Joined: Posts: 1,496
    I'm hoping they'll be 50 characters (25 on each side) and that Karin and R.mika are in it
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