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    I need to pre-order Breastival Versus next pay check.

    I also hope the low pre-sales of Uppers can be overcome, as that game looks awesome as well and I'm a sucker for beat'em ups.
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    As the game originally is meant to be a basic musou action, for the combat at least. There is no "intentional" depth to it. For the multiplayer side, brings more strategical fighting. These aren't AI, therefore your simple CPU killing tactic won't gain you a win here.. unless the opposition is inexperienced. This game has a far more technical depth rather a combative one.

    There are cancellations to heighten recovery frames for almost any action.

    Being as there are few characters with the ability to guard-cancel some of there actions.

    There is jump cancelling which applies for every character.

    Then cancel the jump animation by guarding. Having this as a tool, gave this game a competitive appeal. (in my case at least)

    Bursting is also a cancel.

    Most uses are some special character actions which are in air or cannot be guard-cancelled or jump guard-cancelled. (This does not include ninpos as they cannot be stopped on your own) The other is invincibility frames from ninpos. Consecutive use to minimize the damage recieved for exchange.

    There are more useful tech but most of those are character specific.
    If anything to compare this to is Super Smash Bros unforeseen technical combat.

    there is so much hidden depth in Estival Versus PVP!! it basically revolutionizes and innovates fighting games as a whole!!

    the single player is musou, but the multiplayer is a new breed of fighting game!! ^.^

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    14 days left!!
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    New trailer
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    Monkey66 wrote: »
    New trailer

    Man, that trailer is creepy to some sort of degree that I would rather not mention. <_<
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    it's releasing next week!! I think the competition is gonna be hot. And it supports COM participants, so even if there's no one on, you can still team up and beat up others in the online modes.

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    Official site is up

    all the 5 teams trailers are in their channel too

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    This game is so annoying! Yet I keep on playing. Urgh.
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    Senran Kagura Estival Versus has the greatest brawling in fighting game history!!

    and yes beat em ups and hack n slashers can be fighting games and beat em ups in one game.

    just look at NES Double Dragon, Streets of Rage 2/3, Guardian Heroes, and others.

    it's dumb playing with bots still requires online/PSN to play it, those devs should take a lesson from Timesplitters.
    especially for a game with bots, it should be playable offline.

    but despite that design flaw, at least the servers are still up, so people can still enjoy the one of a kind fighting only SKEV has!!

    Also anyone not aware, THEY PATCHED SKEV so now anyone can upload Share videos from PS4 to youtube directly like other PS4 games!! it's no longer blocked so PS4 Share uploads to youtube are compatible with Estival Versus ^-^ so now anyone worldwise can see the great fights taking place that can be shared with others.

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    Ikki Tousen Battle Vixens coming to the west march 17 they put a lot of effort making them localizable.

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    the ultimate fighting game gets hotter, the Ikki Tosen fighters really improve thngs

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    Game was released on PC. It runs nice. Modderz be happy.
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