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Need training

Shin_DukeShin_Duke Fight Games AddictJoined: Posts: 5
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Hi, stunfest in Rennes (France) is in the begining of May, KofXIII (I got PS3 & 360 version of the game) is one of the game, so I need sparring partner worldwide. I play mostly Terry Bogard, Kyo 1999, Iori Flames and want a maximum of variety to know how to improve.
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French player in his 30's, wanted to improve and partcipate in fight games events (Capcom/SNK/Namco/ArcWork Systems) tournament worldwide (first France, then if cool, Europe, Japan, USA).
Playing all kind of fight games since 1994 on SF2t on Super Famicom/SNES, I have good basis but never really played online, a lot to learn, so here we go !

Let's Rock ! Go for Broke!

ID PSN : Shin_Duke
GamerTag : ShinDuke
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