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Looking for SFxT players to practice with.

deNileStyledeNileStyle [Internally Screaming]Joined: Posts: 1
Since I've been getting back into SFxT (Rank C with 800-something BP), I am willing to practice with people to improve my skills and make new friends.

Gamertag: DJ Ula D.


  • drizzt240drizzt240 Joined: Posts: 13
    I have put a little bit of time in effort into SF4. I have SFXT but haven't been able to play it as much. Would like to play with you sometime if you don't mind teaching me the finer points of the game.
    XBL: Drizzt240
  • QCF=pwnedQCF=pwned [+[__]: ] OMGWTFGBA! Joined: Posts: 57
    edited January 2015
    I'm usually on line, still learning the ropes. If I ever see you're on, I'll play with you. My GT is -> Z A R R l C K
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