[Sept 20th, 2014] Rumble in the Tundra 4- $500 Pot Bonus for USF4 & TTT2 (Buffalo, NY)

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Brian ‘Cha Cha’ Stone in conjunction with Buffalo Game Space and the Buffalo FGC proudly present:


Official site- http://rumble.watch/ Pre-Reg is LIVE!!!

Rumble in the Tundra Facebook event page
contact- rumbleinthetundra@gmail.com

175 Brompton Rd. Tonawanda NY 14150
(Buffalo Game Space @ the Paddock Golf Dome & Recreation Center)

Saturday, September 20th 2014

Doors open at 9am for casuals and tourney registration; Tournaments begin promptly at 12pm.
Specific game schedule TBA soon!

Venue Fee:


Tournament Line Up:

***All Tournaments at this point are “FGC Standard Rules” for their respective games, and all Double Elimination brackets. No character or stage bannings at this time, meaningful times,rules updates and stream schedules to be added closer to event.***

Pre-Registration is live!!- http://rumble.watch

Ultra Street Fighter 4: *$500 POT BONUS*, $10 entry
360, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: *$500 POT BONUS*, $10 entry
PS3, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma: $10 entry
PS3, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: $10 Entry
360, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

King of Fighters 13: $10 entry
PS3, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown: $10 entry
360, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Smash Bros. Project M: $10 entry
Wii, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Guilty Gear Accent Core +R: $10 entry
PS3, all tournament standard matches/rounds/time

Tournament Stream: http://twitch.tv/celestein (stream schedule TBA)


Friday Night Pre-Tourney Party & Exhibition night:

On Friday, starting at 5pm we will be hosting various game sessions at the venue all night. We will be conducting side tournaments, sponsoring some mystery tournaments w/ free swag prizes, having team exhibition matches from some of the regions more fierce rivalries and streaming a ton of all that mess.
This event is FREE to attend and open to all if you happen to get to the Buffalo area early.

So far it looks like a lock for-
Windjammers (arcade)
Quiz and Dragons three-man team 1CC contest
SoulCalibur 5
Injustice GAU
Smash Bros Melee
Mario Party 5 or 7
Mario Kart 8
Breaker’s Revenge.. and other mystery FGs!

All Friday events will be can be signed up for on the day of the event. Times/Details will be posted a few weeks before Rumble happens.

The Pre-reg link for main events, again, is here- http://rumble.watch


About this tournament and who we are:

After a 5 year hiatus we finally have the facilities to once again run large tournies and are resurrecting the annual tournament for our region: Rumble in the Tundra (For awhile we were not able to find a suitable venue after the first one was closed off, large enough to house a large quantity of players in, hence the dormancy). The aim here is to remind people that there can still be "large" regional tournaments that don’t need to take multiple days, won’t be hamstrung by numerous delays/inefficient management and that won’t gouge the players by costing a ton of money just to get in the door. This event is truly all about the players having a good time and seeking to highlight the fierce competition in our region!

We were and still are The Largest Video Game Tournament in WNY!

This is how it’s going down and what you can expect:

- Pot bonuses worth traveling regionally for.
- Responsible and accountable tournament staff members.
- An extremely well organized and efficiently run bracket for each game.
- Brackets that WILL start on time and END on time.
- No hassles, 100% taken in from this event of the money goes right to the players.
- A large local player-base to compete against.
- Space for everyone, no more cramping in small venues. (Food/Drink options are available on premises)

5 Years ago we had a huge turnout at RitT 3 despite almost no pre-hype, over 100 players showed up in an era before tourney populations exploded, events got streamed and players got sponsored often. We plan on an even better turnout this time, for what is sure to be an electric event! Please come out and enjoy yourself!

Interested in Sponsorship or Helping out?
We are providing all the pot bonuses, expenses and other fees out of our own pocket, because we enjoy our FGC and want to reward players willing to come out and support us. However, if you are interested in helping out or potentially sponsoring this or future events with us, we'd welcome any offers/assistance/inquiries! Please contact me through any medium that is convenient for you. We'd love to help out anyone that supports the FGC and sincerely appreciate any offers to help make this a more memorable event, no matter how small or trivial they may seem to you!

We're not a major... and aren't pretending to be one. With future increased support from surrounding areas, perhaps we can look to one day becoming one. But for now, we stick to calling this a large 1-day event and hope that is good enough to garner interest for players within 'extended day trip' range :P

Thanks for taking the time to read the above statements, and I hope to see many of you curious onlookers soon!

I'll leave you with an example of the hypeness brought during RitT3's SF4 grand finals:

(RitT3 Results Thread on SRK)



If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post up in this thread, if you would rather use PM- feel free to message me any time (I still monitor all FGC forums). If you’d rather email, please contact me at- rumbleinthetundra@gmail.com

If you are interested in overnight accommodations and/or crash space availability, I will be updating that information closer to the event as well.

Since this was announced so early, expect changes and update in the coming months, please check this thread regularly...

-Cha Cha
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Rumble in the Tundra 4- 9/20/14 in Buffalo, NY - $500 Pot Bonuses for USF4 & TTT2, get in on it!
Buffalo FGC- meeting every Saturday 12pm-whenever @ http://gameonwny.com/


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