USF4 Tier List Thread (updated October 2015)



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    Can we finally agree that the game's matchups were not a collection of 5-5's and 6-4's and that the game actually had more 7-3's and 8-2's by now? I mean, the game is not the main focus anymore, not many feelings will be hurt, we can admit it now.

    I can see a lot of Zangief players thinking this way to be honest but that doesn't necessarily mean it's true. There's a lot of non-polarizing characters with a shit ton of 5-5 and 6-4/4-6 matchups.
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    Yun Vs Dhalsim is nigh unwinnable. Unless the Yun plays incredibly stupid, of course. Sim cannot win that match. It's awful.

    Poison Vs Hugo sucks pretty bad, too. That has to be an 8-2 match-up or worse.

    ryan hart got bodied by snafoo at canada cup. i know it was not his main but his yun is legit
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