W Ultra vs Ultra 1 vs Ultra 2

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With the introduction of "W" ultra, I believe Yang is a great contender for using it. Ultra 1 is great for raw damage after a focus, anti airing, and as a combo ended.

Ultra 2 is great for fireball reads, pre-emptive anti airing, and Fadc damage.

Basic combo - St.lp, St.lp, Cr.mk, H. slash, H. slash, Fadc into Cl.mk.

Double ultra - Ultra 1 292 / Fadc Ultra 2 - 242

Ultra 1 combo - 330 / Fadc - 0

Ultra 2 combo - 261 / Fadc - 298

Raw Ultra 1 > Raw Ultra 2

The combo was done in the corner with full ultra bar.

I prefer to use the W Ultra for the versatility behind using Ultra 1 for anti airing, invul on wakeup, and combo ended while still being able to keep Ultra 2 mainly for Fadc damage.

The damage difference really comes down to preference for the user.

I made a separate thread because without a doubt someone is going to ask. And I didn't want to post it in the stickies due to get being lost after one page.
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    You want to waste two bars AND your ultra gauge for less than 300 damage?

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    I honestly think UCD is only viable on a select few characters. The point of ultra is high damage output. If the ultra is going to do slightly more damage than max meter less punish there is no point.
    For Yang its pretty much U2 on fireball characters then its either U1 or U2 depending on how you play and approach match ups.
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    Yangs ultra 1 primarily serves as high damage potential for character that needs it. It also gets full animation from cl.mk anti airs which im is quite a big deal.

    Sure ultra 2 can combo off the same things but I emphasise the damage potential of ultra 1. In ae12 in particular you could u1 OS peoples backdash that u2 or ex kicks wouldnt reach in time. Will need to see what u2 is like now with that faster startup.

    U2 in general is a option limiter for the opponent. Used to stop blankas from balling, bisons from ex crusher etc. It can juggle off more things but it really isnt worth it.

    This ofcourse is just my opinion. I dont think UCD is worth it in any match up. Either select u1 or u2 for that damage.
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    Yang's WU seems good, when you manage to use it raw. Scaling hurts it a lot, so it's just not worth using meter to hit with. But from my experiance so far, he has just enough chances to hit his Ultras raw if you can read your opponent.
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    But scaling hurts his damage regardless. You get 40 damage more from picking ultra 1 after a combo (which is how I mainly land Ultra 1 other then aa).

    The only way I'm seeing you can justifying picking one is doing the damage raw without a combo (ie a good read or after a focus).

    The primary objective was to just eliminate multiple people spamming the "simple question" thread with this question. The secondary was to spark discussion because I do think double ultra is a better decision.

    It does all come down to preference but I wanted to get other people's opinions.
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    Wasted wrote: »
    You want to waste two bars AND your ultra gauge for less than 300 damage?

    And yes. You want to waste two bars to blow someone up because a lot of players don't respect yangs srk.

    You can use those two bars to add 75 more damage after a combo? Yang gets meter insanely fast. Two bars to spook someone is sometimes worth it. Only to follow up with an ender that actually does some damage.

    Edit. Got to test.
    With double ultra:
    Lk srk Fadc to lk srk = 120
    Lk srk Fadc to mk srk = 125
    Lk srk Fadc to hk srk = 130
    Lk srk Fadc to ex srk = 180
    Lk srk Fadc to double ultra 2 = 242
    Lk srk Fadc to ultra 2 = 298

    Stlp stlp crmk hp slash hp slash Fadc sthp hp slash hp slash = 231 damage
    Same combo but Fadc sthp hk srk = 238
    Same combo but Fadc ultra 2 = 261
    Same combo but Fadc double ultra 2 = 239

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    I don't think it's worth it (aside for the kill) to fadc ultra if you got more hit than crmk slashX2 FADC, from 2 LP to bas mk, I'd ussually go for mk roll kick or corner carry combo
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    Are there any easy ways to land U1 (off a combo) other than in the corner. I have a hard time landing cl.mk dash U1 or cl.mk SJ mk dive U1. I can do them in training room like 1 out of 10 times.. so i only ever go for cl.mk ultra i pushed them into the corner. Ill keep practicing. Ryu has full health and can do lp.dp fadc U1 for 367 damage and if needed confirm into it easier.
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    Try walking forward if you cant do dash U1. Maybe that'll help

    Rekka 2x, FADC, U1 (1 frame combo I think). Use Hp rekka as your second rekka because that lets you have more time to do U1. This combo gives you the most damage with U1 IIRC. You can do cl.mk after FADC to land U1 but it scales so it's not recommended

    Command grab, cl.mk, U1

    st.lp, cl.mk, U1 (st.lp, cl.mk is a 3 frame trap btw that leaves you on -2 if they block cl.mk)

    Those are some that I remember. There's more I cant think of or just don't use

    He has a lot of ways to land U1 but yea they can be hard

    Yea Yang has hard execution (at least to me) and his damage isn't big either. It's how he's designed
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    While U1 does do 40 more damage and more damage in the long run, miss those links and you're getting hammered. U2 does less damage, but has more useful methods. Hell you can 2x Rekka FADC into it, full animation if you're fast enough. Also anti-air FADC, or even EX Rekka when you have the corner. Ultimately despite U1's bigger damage, U2 is more useful in almost all situations. Not to mention, that full animation looks downright badass!
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