Credit card or "real" Money

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Hey, mighty be a silly questions for regular Evo attendants, but if i want to buy something from the Sponsors at Evo do i have to/can i pay with Credit card or not? Or is it different for each one?!


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    I always bring real cash on me for trips like these. I'm pretty certain many vendors can take cards, but I prefer not to take the chance. If you can manage it, I suggest bringing cash for ease of use.
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    Ok, thx for your reply
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    I would prefer you bring cash, but don't bring too much, have some money on the cards. xD
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    Most vendors should be able to take credit cards/debit but from an experience I had last year (and have had around my home locally) I tend to carry cash when on trips more often now.

    Reason being is that sometimes a card purchase can put a temporary hold on your funds making them unavailable. Last year when I booked my room for evo, a day or two into the event, my 800$ in my checking account suddenly was at zero and I was freaking out. It came back the next afternoon but it was still quite the inconvenience. What if this happened to you and you needed to go on the road and needed gas? Hungry and no cash on you? time to starve!

    Gas stations do this too around for gas with plastic, hold on your account for a day or two. Really annoying.

    So yeah. Best way to avoid any mishaps like that, carry cash.
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    Also best not to bring cards if possible (leave them in a safe at your hotel room) as a precaution, pick pockets are everywhere!
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