Psychic Force 2012



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    I don't care if no one cares, I'm posting again!

    Sick, sick Regina. Really knows how to use the whip. The Gates was pretty good too.

    My favorite part was when Regina brought out atomic burner on the Wong scrub, lol

    Edit: I take it back, my favorite part was when Gates kept trading with Might via cluster bombs and missiles.

    Also, omg, there are a million matches on nicovideo; recent too! That one I linked was from a tournament from last month!
    Wall Barrier- It is possible to interrupt many wall bounce combos with a barrier. To do it just hold G and do a 360 motion on the joypad repeatedly after you have bounced off a wall.

    A quick note here: there is no such thing as a "Wall Barrier" per se. In fact, the mechanic at work is your garden-variety quick rise. If you hold any direction during the right moment during either type of knockdown, you will quick rise and can do whatever you want, not just barriers. You can hold left and block to quick-rise-block, or left and mash throw to quick rise into throw, etc. This is kind of important to know, because Barrier Crush would be guaranteed off of all wall bounces if quick-rise-barrier was all the defender could do after being wall bounced.
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    Thats a term i made up for reference purposes. arent you just nitpicking?
    Play me in Ultra plz. PSN is EmblemLord. Yes I play Sagat....STOP FUCKING LAUGHING AT ME!!!!
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    This game runs pretty smoothly on Demul and is most likely a viable netplay game now. Anyone wanna try some Netplay with me? :D
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