A KOF XIII Topanga (who would be on your list)

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It would be awesome if someone could set up a Topanga style KOF tournament where players would play FT10's against each other

I choose the following for selfish reasons though

Bala (has never lost a first to numbers set IIRC)

Reynald (Long time KOF player and former Evo champion)

MadKOF (Korea's OF Kof-er)

Xiaohai (best KOF 98 player and it's either him or Bala that can be considered as KOF's Daigo)

ET (an OG KOF deity)

Misterio (sorry but my basis for this was how he bodied, reynald, luis cha and others at money matches)

and Tokido (for the past year i have seen him work on KOF like no other despite it being a secondary game to him)

we would see a Tokido vs Reynald rematch (where we would see how tokido would fare this time)

Misterio vs Reynald (round 3, hopefully with better results for Reynald)

Reynald vs Bala (I have seen them play but never at sets, i wonder if reynald can be dominated by bala)

Misterio vs Tokido (nothing but for the reason that they both went sets against reynald)

Xiaohai vs Tokido (for the reason that without Evo pressure, how he'll stack up against the 'Awakened Xiaohai aka Shin-Xiahai we saw at Evo 2014)

Xiaohai vs Bala (Bala hasn't lost a set IIRC, and this Shin-Xiaohai at evo was mentioned to not have lost a set either during casuals)
Kurt Buseik: I am a Marvelite at heart, and I like Thor. So it did pain me to see Thor go down. However, in the depths of my heart, I knew this was the way it should turn out. Not because Superman is THE icon, but because even a post-Crisis Superman would win. Many will bring up Thor's ability to create vortexes and all of the other neat tricks Mjolnir can do, but Thor's history is to head in fist and hammer first, and unless he is on the ropes, Thor rarely utilizes his other abilities. I did find Superman's recognition of Thor as maybe his single greatest opponent an appeasement in light of Superman having died at the hands of Doomsday.

"As for Superman and Thor, it's like he said -- where he comes from, the dials go up to eleven. Superman is stronger and faster, which is probably more about the scales of power in the universe he comes from, but it was enough to let him win a very tough battle. If they fought again tomorrow, it might go the other way. Since being more powerful doesn't make you a better character, I don't see it as a slight on Thor, just as the way things are..."
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