[UK] Triple Threat X - Sunday 20th July - Southampton - Shadowloo Showdown EU Qualifier

Akiraa20Akiraa20 Joined: Posts: 43
Ultra Street Fighter IV:
1st: DIG.Ryan Hart
2nd: RZR| CG ProblemX
3rd: IFP| Hassan
4th: UM| Tyrant
5th: Paceyz, Wiseblade
7th: Hells W1nd, King Quaka

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition
1st: DIG.Ryan Hart
2nd: Gucci Suit
3rd: SMBF| ROFL Harris
4th: SMBF| Scaffa
5th: LM| 3J, IFP| Hassan
7th: WGL| To Catch a Smash Player, LM| Sogekingu

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3:
1st: 1upMiles
2nd: UM| Tyrant
3rd: IFP| K3R1M
4th: Marcus Gege
5th: Ben Twilly, Def1ant
7th: SMBF| Based Turtle

Super Street Fighter II: Turbo HD Remix
1st: DIG.Ryan Hart
2nd: Zero1
3rd: MBA| UNW4NT3D
4th: Thrice Bang'em
5th: SMBF| Fight me irl scrub, SMBF| Strawberry3s
7th: NukiCola, Hells W1nd
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