Can Someone help me?

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Uhm, according to my knowledge on the balance changes in Ultra, The Following characters have the same or added combos: Oni/Akuma/Ibuki/Ryu/Sakura

Now that that question out of they way, would anyone be willing to play with me on Super AE? I do play quite well for someone who uses such bread n' butter characters... imo. I want to get significantly better and be able to land my combos... The above listing is my skill in each character from greatest to least. I play on Xbox, with a controller and I do have a Mic. My Gamer-tag is AdamLegend12, Thanks and if you have some advice that's more directed towards me, please pm it. I don't want others to see you put my combos on blast... that'd be nice.

Current PP: 1700's
Current BP: Collectively at leat 5500, best character 1000+
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