KOF XIII Tourney Venue NYC

GalleyThePirateGalleyThePirate -Top Tier-Joined: Posts: 56
I have a serious venue in NYC to put on KOFXIII tournaments if anyone is interested please let me know. If we can guarantee a turnout of about 12 to 20 heads then we can no doubt have them happen on a regular basis.

It's literally a gamer's lounge at night and during the day it's a QA/Game testing center that I work for. So far we've held a couple tournaments for Super and Ultra sf4 as well as UMVC. I'd really like to see KOF there over everything but since the following is not as huge as the other games I have to guarantee that a decent amount of people will show up.

We have 8 32 inch monitors, consoles, air conditioning, and great space.

Who would be interested in coming out to local KOFXIII tourneys?


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