Been a while, looking to build up my friends list

CallMeTetrisCallMeTetris Ive got the headacheJoined: Posts: 41
I'm coming off a loooooong hiatus from FGs in general, wanna build up a group of people to get in some games with. Right now I'm mostly just playing a bit of SF4, but also looking to get back into Injustice and MK9, plus just starting out in BBCP. Have 3S and TTT2 as well but have yet to really get into them, willing to pick those up if I find enough people, especially 3S.

PSN is CallMeTetris, located in Minnesota.


  • EXKayoEXKayo Joined: Posts: 10
    Hey add me if you Like Kayo_24, started playing Ultra a few weeks ago and I as well am looking to find some people to practice with.
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