[Aug 2nd, 2014] Resistance II, Stratford CT Results

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Thank you everyone who came out!

Killer Instinct
Bracket: http://newchallengers.challonge.com/res2ki
Youtube: http://t.co/577iga6mhd

1st: Rico Suave
3rd: CDjr
4th: NickyVengenz
5th: RPD MCZ Alex Smith
7th: MegaIsaac X
9th: Benbeech
9th: Shaq
9th: Hippie
9th: Dave Hewitt
13th: Brian Kershbaumer

DOA5 Ultimate
Bracket: http://newchallengers.challonge.com/res2doa5u
Youtube: http://t.co/I1p9yPOnCj

1st: FC Blackburry
2nd: Slybass
3rd: Yaeger
4th: Jin
5th: DrSnipe
5th: Hold Junkie
7th: TKF Brothablacks
7th: FoxMedik

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Bracket: http://newchallengers.challonge.com/res2umvc3
Youtube: http://t.co/u0UlTCxMMe

1st: CTRL | Flux
2nd: TS|Fooblat
3rd: PAG Crazy Joe
4th place: Erik Warda
5th place tie: CIO eLJay
5th place tie: CT Sam
7th place tie: MegaIsaac X
7th place tie: FAFSA|BGuy
9th place tie: Dont Jump
9th place tie: TrentD
9th place tie: (NC) Dazed
9th place tie: EP Flowers
13th place tie: MindxHeart
13th place tie: Shaq
13th place tie: PAG Virgo
13th place tie: The Steam Co. craigkeller
17th place tie: Discipline Daddy
17th place tie: Jermball
17th place tie: Sliphole79
17th place tie: Lava
17th place tie: Rob Aponte
17th place tie: Tom Drew

Ultra Street Fighter 4
bracket: http://newchallengers.challonge.com/res2sf4top8

1st Pie Smug
2nd: TheSteamco Sanford K
3rd: Dieminion
4th: PXG|GU Volcanic Akuma
5th tie: RPD MCZ Alex Smith
5th tie: Rico Suave
7th tie: Zaferino
7th tie: AG Lucky D
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