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Couldn't find anything regarding this when I googled around, except for this post from 3 years ago:
4. No excessive signature length and text are allowed. 4 lines is the maximum signature space allowed. 500 Characters is also the maximum allowed. If you are getting a error message, reduce the size of your signature. Any signature to be in violation of this, will have their account suspended.

I've seen a ton of signatures that are longer than 4 lines, heck, mine's been this way since I've joined and nobody's ever come to me about it. So I assume the post I've found is out of date.

So what are the current signature rules, and/or where can I read them?
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    IIRC 4 lines was always the rule but pretty much no mod bothered to enforce it unless it involved images or included really big text or was just a giant wall of text that was >4 lines long.
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    Images are fully banned in signatures.

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    What about video embeds?

    Some users (not gonna name anyone) have YT vids and streams embeded into their sigs.
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    TMK it's text-only.

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    what about images hidden behind spoiler tags? seen a couple of these and wondering if this is allowed.
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    No images in spoiler tags, end of story. Text-only.

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