practice mode and ewgf, otgf wrong input history?

keidokukeidoku Joined: Posts: 28
i recently spent a lot of time in practice mode with the input history activated practicing ewgfs and otgfs.
i noticed even tho i made the correct input the move doesn't come out. other times i make a mistake on the input but the move works perfectly.
heihachis otgf:
the correct motion is forward, neutral, downforward+1?

but for some reason it also sometimes works with:
forward, down, downforward+1

has anyone experienced weird input history behaviour like this too?


  • aznspydermanaznspyderman Bye SRK. Joined: Posts: 739
    I've NEVER noticed that - and since I've been learning Mishimas the last few months, I've had a constant input-display on.
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